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Obstacles to Opportunities “Acceptable Use and the Web 2.0”

Joseph Bires
Trenton, NJ USA
Blog: http://www.edtechleadership.com/wordpress2/

Joseph J. Bires is the Supervisor of Technology for the Marlboro Township School District. Prior to Marlboro, he was the technology coordinator for the Manville School District. He possesses over nine years experience as a technology leader and teacher in K-12 education. He earned a masters degree in computers in education with a concentration in technology leadership from Columbia University. He is currently a student in the doctorate program in educational leadership and technology at the University of Delaware.

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Presentation Title
“Acceptable Use and the Web 2.0″

In this presentation, the participants will discuss how the use of Web 2.0 technologies has challenged and changed the concept of acceptable use. The presenter will suggest ways to balance protecting students, teachers, and schools from the dangers of the Internet, while still integrating Web 2.0 technologies into the K-12 curriculum. Also, philosophical issues of acceptable use will be discussed such as identity and transparency. Finally, practical suggestions will be shared to help every teacher and administrator.

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  1. Warrick

    Great presentation; I enjoyed the enhanced version with the slides especially. THe quote about ‘good being the enemy of great’ is one I know I’ll use somewhere!

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