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Obstacles to Opportunities “Me blog? No way!!!”

John Pearce
Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Blog: http://johnp.wordpress.com/

John Pearce is a primary, (elementary), school teacher in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. He has been working with blogs and other web 2.0 tools both with his students and personally for a number of years. Drawing on these experiences he has presented at numerous face to face conferences as well as at the 2006 K-12 Conference. In 2006 he was awarded one of the 14 Australian Microsoft Innovative Teachers Award.

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“Me blog? No way!!!”

Arguably blogging and the whole web 2.0 experience has been one of the most significant growth areas in the use of computers world wide. Indeed the opportunities that this environment offers to education seems endless. Why is it that there are far more teachers who are yet to explore this environment than those that have? Even worse why are some even actively shying away from using these tools. This presentation looks in a light hearted but serious way at some of the reasons used by the blog averse. Some counterpoints to such reasoning will be discussed in the presentation and participants will also be able to continue the discussion via a dedicated blog. Come on in and check out the characters involved and see if you have some of them at your place.

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  1. Mike Arsenault

    I enjoyed the thoughtful way that you discussed the use of blogging in schools. The analogy of learning to blog and learning to swim was outstanding. Do you think a teacher must be an active blogger to use blogging well in his/her classroom?

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  4. elvira chinen

    Few years ago I thought it was not as important to use all these new tools in the web but since the world is changing it is important for us as educators to change as well so that we give the students the skills they need in the future which is the use of web 2.0 tools. With so many fun tools in the web, I think we can always make it animated and grab the students’ attention by using it for instance voki or teach the students how to use it to make projects interesting and make the students develop their creativity.

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