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Professional Learning Networks “Expanding Horizons – Engaging the Adult Members of your Community (Teachers, Administrators, and Parents) through the Use of Personal/Professional Learning Networks”

Vinnie Vrotny
Winnetka, IL, USA
Blog: http://vvrotny.edublogs.org/

Vinnie is the Director of Academic Technology at North Shore Country Day School, a JK through 12th grade independent school located north of Chicago, IL, US. As the school’s use of technology has grown, so has Vinnie’s role. Currently as a teacher, his “students” are not only in kindergarten through twelfth grade, but include the adult members of the school community as well.

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Presentation Title
“Expanding Horizons – Engaging the Adult Members of your Community (Teachers, Administrators, and Parents) through the Use of Personal/Professional Learning Networks”

This session is going to take participants on a journey consisting of four segments, which are: 1. Creating your own Personal Learning Network (PLN), 2. Motivating Faculty to expand their PLNs; 3. Mentoring Administrators about the value of PLNs and 4. Engaging Parents to construct PLNs. Upon completion, participant will be given the opportunity to begin to expand their own PLN. Keeping the conversation alive beyond the conference, participants will be encouraged to share what has been successful within their own learning networks so that all may benefit.

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  1. Amy

    Way to go, Vinnie! I have joined your Ning network so we can keep the discussion going. Your talking points were great. Very helpful to beginners in particular. It was especially helpful for me to hear that “When Night Falls” was so inspirational to you. I look forward to trying it out in a just a few short hours. I’ll see you there!

  2. Mark Ahlness

    Vinnie, thanks for doing this! You know, I set up a twitter account a while ago, but didn’t go forward with it because I just had so many questions about how it all worked exactly. Now I have no excuses 🙂 See you in twitterland soon.

    And also a big thank you for your wonderful leadership on the Live Events Committee! – Mark

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