2015 Announcements

Call for Proposals 2015

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The 2015 K12 Online Conference organizer team is pleased to announce the theme for this year’s conference: Virtually Unstoppable.

Please consider submitting your session ideas via our call for proposals. Since 2006, K12 Online has offered unique, free, entirely volunteer-powered opportunities for educators worldwide to share and learn together about innovative ways to use technology tools to enhance teaching and learning at all levels.


The theme for the 2015 conference is “Virtually Unstoppable.” The conference will begin with a pre-conference keynote on Monday, October 12th. The next two weeks, starting on October 19th, 40 presentations will be published in four different strands, with four presentations posted per day. Presentations must be a single media file of twenty minutes or less (but not too much less) in length and meet other requirements specified in the online call for proposals. Presentations are due two weeks prior to the week the relevant strand begins. All presentations will be shared under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported license. The 2015 conference strands are:

Maker Ed (convened by Karen Fasimpaur)
Are  you a “maker”? How can we use making to fuel learning? This strand will feature a variety of ways to incorporate the maker movement into education, including digital making (coding, webmaking, digital video and music), physical making (circuits, robotics, cardboard), writing as making, and more.

Stories of Connection (convened by Susan van Gelder)
Connecting with others whether face to face or virtually widens our horizons. Connecting can also be connecting with ideas. Your stories of connection, whether for your professional learning or with your students, can inspire others. This strand will feature stories of how connections with others outside your school have brought about growth for your students and yourself. It’s time for you and your students to share your stories of connection.

Overcoming Obstacles (convened by Leslie Pralle Keehn)
Tips, ideas, and resources for being solution-oriented in education today. This strand will feature stories of educators and stakeholders who have identified obstacles in classrooms, buildings, and districts, and found a way to make it work! From issues like lack of access to devices, to concerns around digital citizenship and online safety, to staying “up to date,” presentations will focus on problem solving and using best practices to overcome obstacles.

Beyond the Core: Arts and More (convened by Carol Broos)
The arts are the glue that connect the way we communicate within our world. Transliteracy is the centerpiece of this strand. This is the ability to understand and communicate—i.e., to be “literate”—across all communications platforms, including music, writing, mass media, speech, reading, sign language, and social media. In today’s world we must be able to tell stories, take pictures, create movies, and compose music, in order to put together a complete story.

Please see our “Presentation Guidelines” for more information about formats and requirements. These guidelines will be updated by June 30th with a few changes.

Please consider submitting a proposal for the 2015 K12 Online Conference by May 31, and personally invite other educators you know to submit a proposal. K12 Online offers great learning experiences every year because of our fantastic presenters. Your encouragement to others to present, as well as your own willingness to present, will make K12 Online 2015 a fantastic learning experience for many teachers around the world!

2015 Announcements

2015 Conference Dates

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k12online-logo-50    K12 Online Conference – in its tenth year!
This year’s dates:

Pre-Conference Keynote: October 12, 2015

The conference will run from October 19 – 30 with sessions posted each week day.
Watch for upcoming announcements for

 the theme
calls for proposals


Ten years – here are a few facts for you

Our pre-conference keynoters have included:
David Warlick (3 times) , Stephen Heppell, Kim Cofino, Angela Maiers, Kevin Honeycutt, Shannon McClintock Miller and Wesley Fryer

There have been presenters from the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Venezuela, Slovenia, Columbia, Spain, Japan…

Presenters have included, teachers, administrators, educational technology leaders, students and have included people involved in education from pre-school to university.

Live Events have included informal chats in Elluminate and later in Blackboard Collaborate, the K12 Online Echo hosted on EdTechTalk, all night chats going around the world…

9 years – so far with more than 360 presentations.


While the northern part of North America slowly begins to thaw, the conference committee has been hard at work to prepare for this year’s conference.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with ways to make the conference even better. We love to have your ideas.


Calling all volunteers!

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we want you

The K12 Online Conference is an all-volunteer, noncommercial effort, which means we rely completely on the contributions of generous volunteers.

If you’ve ever thought about getting more involved with K12 Online, now is the time!

On Mon., Jan. 12 at 8:00pm ET, we will be livestreaming a video hangout here to talk about volunteer opportunities for the 2015 K12 Online Conference. There are a wide variety of ways to contribute, from marketing to presenting to working on live events. Some of these things only take a few minutes, while others are more involved. However you might like to be involved, there is an opportunity for you! Please RSVP on the Google Hangout if you can attend!

If you can’t join us for this hangout but are interested, please fill out this short form and we will also post an archive of the session here.

We greatly appreciate our community’s support and help, and look forward to a great 2015!

2014 Announcements

Thank you!

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credit: woodleywonderworks

Thanks to everyone for making the K12 Online Conference in 2014 so special!

This year we had a total of 38 presentations and almost 12 hours of professional learning presentations. We greatly appreciate all of our presenters, our committee members, our viewers/attendees, and everyone who helped spread the word.

We would appreciate your feedback on this year’s conference so we can make next year even better. Please take a couple minutes to complete this very brief survey.

And don’t forget that all of this year’s sessions, as well as those from previous years, will be here for you to reference whenever you like.

2014 Announcements

K12Online Day Ten: October 31, 2014

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K12Online2014-500x500Welcome to day ten, the final day of the 2014 K12 Online Conference! All presentations are listed and linked on our main conference schedule.

Week Two – Our last 4 presentations of the conference are being posted. That brings us to a total of 38 presentations – almost 12 hours if you view them all!  Take your time to enjoy them. Share what you learn with your colleagues. You can always come back to view sessions you missed or those you want to see again. Everything is archived.

Don’t forget to try playing the game created by Kevin Hodgson!

Today’s sessions:

Passion-Driven Learning in #clmooc- Supporting Teacher Agency in Making and Learning by Mallory McNeal and Anna Smith

An Introduction to Webmaker for Educators by Brendan Murphy

Web 2.0 Tools That Will Increase Creativity and Passion in Your Online Courses by Courtney Kofeldt


How Rube Goldberg Led Our 6th Graders to Pursue their Passions through STEM by Leigh Zeitz
Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like  us on Facebook. Subscribe to our email list if you’re not already receiving email updates from us. Also remember all video presentations are available in iPad / iPhone / iPod touch compatible format in our iTunesU Portal! If you tweet about the conference please use the Twitter hashtag #k12online14. Keep the conversations going.

2014 2014-Passion-Driven Learning

Web 2.0 Tools That Will Increase Creativity and Passion in Your Online Courses

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Presenter: Courtney Kofeldt
Location: West Chester

Presentation Title: Web 2.0 Tools That Will Increase Creativity and Passion in Your Online Courses

Presentation Description: Introduction to several Web 2.0 tools that will spark creativity and ignite a passion in your students, and a review of ideas for implementation.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

2014 2014-Passion-Driven Learning

An Introduction to Webmaker for Educators

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Presenter: Brendan Murphy
Location: Lindenhurst, IL, USA

Presentation Title: An Introduction to Webmaker for Educators

Presentation Description: An introduction to the Mozilla webmaker tools.
Exploring webdesign with XrayGoggles. Creating webpages with Thimble. Remixing video with popcorn. Making web apps with appmaker.

Using webmaker tools in the classroom, teaching digital citizenship, and becoming digitally literate.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

2014 2014-Passion-Driven Learning

Passion-Driven Learning in #clmooc- Supporting Teacher Agency in Making and Learning

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Presenter: Mallory McNeal and Anna Smith
Location: Denver, CO and Urbana, Illinois
@m_mcneal and @anna_phd

Presentation Title: Passion-Driven Learning in #clmooc- Supporting Teacher Agency in Making and Learning

Presentation Description: Making Learning Connected 2014 (#clmooc) was truly a hub for igniting innovation and inspiring passion in Connected Learning. Each week, our “Make Cycle” initiated a new strand of thinking that was taken up, modified, and remixed in a variety of ways. In our video presentation, we will briefly share the background of #clmooc, the theory of action behind establishing iterative “Make Cycles” as well as highlight example “Makes” that were created and shared. We will also share some of the resources that were developed during Making Learning Connected 2014 that might be useful for others thinking about this work in their own contexts, such as collected archives of weekly newsletters, webinars and Twitter chats.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

2014 2014-STEAM

How Rube Goldberg Led Our 6th Graders to Pursue their Passions through STEM

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Presenter: Leigh Zeitz
Location: Cedar Falls, Iowa

Presentation Description: Join Dr. Z in the journey 6th graders took into the Crazy World of Rube Goldberg. You will experience the fun they had developing complex chain reactions to accomplish simple tasks. Using a Problem-Based Learning format, these students explored physics while they built contraptions to drop a marble in a bucket, dip a chip in salsa, pop a balloon and even create a banana smoothie. Dr. Z shares how the inventors expressed their experiences through KidBlog and how these activities aligned with Common Core Standards in Science, Technology and Writing. It’s 20 minutes of fun and exploration into exciting ways to learn.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Dr. Z Reflects – http://drzreflects.com