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K12 Online Conference » 2012 Schedule

2012 Schedule

All times are GMT. Direct links to presentations will be added as the presentations are published each day at 1:00 pm GMT. Presentations links will also be published to Twitter, Facebook and our conference video podcast channel and audio podcast channels in iTunesU.

Date and Time Strand/Event Presenter and Presentation
1:00 PM Monday, October 15 GMT Preconference Keynote Kevin Honeycutt
Launching Learning
1:00 PM Monday, October 22 GMT Getting Started Keynote Gail Desler & Natalie Bernasconi
Digital ID Project
Getting Started Karyn Keenan
A Digital Journey with Primary Students and No Budget!
Visioning New Curriculum Keynote Karen Fasimpaur
Visioning New Curriculum
Visioning New Curriculum Patrick Fogarty
Going One-to-One
1:00 PM Tuesday, October 23 GMT Getting Started Paula L. Naugle and Jan Wells
Leveraging Social Media to Flatten Your Classroom Walls
Getting Started Elaine Plybon
Leveraging the Power of Social Media in the Classroom
Visioning New Curriculum Jon Bergmann
Implementing the Flipped Classroom
Visioning New Curriculum Alan Hudson
Virtual Worlds for Immersive, media rich educational shared environments
1:00 PM Wednesday, October 24 GMT Getting Started Rodd Lucier
7 Degrees of Connectedness
 Getting Started Jeremy Friedberg
Beyond Elearning: Online Teaching Platforms
Visioning New Curriculum April Chamberlain, Shawn Nutting and Ammie Akin
Creating Learning Experiences without the Textbook
Visioning New Curriculum Ian Sands
How Technology Helped Me Paint With Mud
1:00 PM Thursday, October 25 GMT Getting Started Valerie Burton
Show off your work online using Weebly.com
Visioning New Curriculum Bud Hunt
Make/Hack/Play: Lenses for Learning
1:00 PM Friday, October 26 GMT Getting Started Shelly Sanchez Terrell
The Magic of Mobile Learning
Visioning New Curriculum Jane Krauss
Make Meaning with Wolfram Alpha
1:00 PM Monday, October 29 GMT Kicking It Up a Notch Keynote Mathew Needleman
It’s Not About The Apps
Kicking It Up a Notch Tricia Fuglestad
Teaching Art in a Technology Rich and Connected Classroom
Student Voices
Tiana Kadkhoda
Kids Teaching Kids
Student Voices Bronwyn Stuckey
Quest Atlantis: Student Design and Ownership
1:00 PM Tuesday, October 30 GMT Kicking It Up a Notch Janine Campbell
Remixing Teaching Through Blended Online Learning
Kicking It Up a Notch Richard Beach and Jill Castek
Using iOS App Affordances to Foster Literacy Learning in the Classroom
Student Voices Ben Rimes
Video Story Problems
1:00 PM Wednesday, October 31 GMT Kicking It Up a Notch Naomi Harm
Seven Habits of Highly Effective PD Learning Experiences
Kicking It Up a Notch Glenda Baker
Thinking Big About Learning
Student Voices Audrey McLaren McGoldrick
Beaucoup de Cool Student Projects
Student Voices Alexander Fryer
Creating and Playing in Minecraft
1:00 PM Thursday, November 1 GMT Kicking It Up a Notch Scott Merrick
Teach/Learn in Virtual Worlds: World Class Innovations!
Kicking It Up a Notch Susan Oxnevad
Digital Tools for Differentiating Vocabulary Instruction
Student Voices Brad Wilson
Student News Teams: Telling the Story
Student Voices Kyle Dunbar
Authentic Voices
1:00 PM Friday, November 2 GMT Kicking It Up a Notch Robert Appino
Speak up! Transforming Classroom Discussions
Student Voices Kim Herron
Mars Rover, Mars Rover, Send My Own Rover Over


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