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K12 Online Conference » 2011 Schedule

2011 Schedule

All times are GMT. Direct links to presentations will be added as the presentations are published each day at 1:00 pm GMT. Presentations links will also be published to Twitter, Facebook and our conference video podcast channel and audio podcast channels in iTunesU.

Date and Time Strand/Event Presenter and Presentation
1:00 PM Monday, November 21 GMT Preconference
Angela Maiers
The Sandbox Manifesto
1:00 PM Monday, November 28 GMT Team Captains Keynote George Couros
Playing in Public
Team Captains Anne Mirtschin
The World is My Classroom
Story Time Keynote Jim Groom and Tom Woodward
The World’s Craziest Educational Videos Featuring ds106
Story Time Andy McKiel
When Learning Becomes an Event!
1:00 PM Tuesday, November 29 GMT Team Captains Jason Neiffer
Building a Uniquely Montana Program: The Montana Digital Academy
Team Captains Shannon Smith
Get in the Game–Learning, Leading and Play
Story Time Ben Hazzard
How Do I Know I Made A Difference? (an audio story)
Story Time Jessica McCulloch
The Black Line Mystery“ a story about the most complicated chinese character known to mankind and its community
1:00 PM Wednesday, November 30 GMT Team Captains Kim Cofino and Chrissy Hellyer
Hardware is Not Enough: The Teacher-Facilitator Partnership
Team Captains Dave Edwards
When Leadership and Learning Collide
Story Time David Wees
Computer Based Math
Story Time James Beeghley
Tradigital History: Bringing the Past Alive!
1:00 PM Thursday, December 1 GMT Team Captains David Truss
Transforming Education
Team Captains Blair Peterson
School Leaders Set the Tone by Playing, Experimenting and Taking Risks
Story Time Sean McGaughey
Sharing Stories” Becoming Storytellers
Story Time Rodd Lucier
Are You For Real?
1:00 PM Friday, December 2 GMT Team Captains Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay
Lead the World
Team Captains Anne Fox
Coaching for ICT Integration
Story Time Zoe Branigan-Pipe, Dr. Camille Rutherford and Kyle Tuck
Stories About Growing (tech-enabled) Leaders
Story Time David Jakes
What if the story changed?
1:00 PM Monday, December 5 GMT Sandbox Play Keynote Chris Craft
A Teacher’s Journey
Sandbox Play Geoffrey Derry
Scratching Kids’ Brains
Level Up
Carol Broos
Get RIPped: Rigor, Innovation, and Passion
Level Up Silvana Meneghini for Amaral Cunha
Technology as an ally in the IB Science class
1:00 PM Tuesday, December 6 GMT Sandbox Play Allanah King
Sandpit QR Codes Presentation
Sandbox Play Barbara McFall and Betsye Sargent
Old Dogs Must Learn New Tricks
Level Up Connor Janzen and Ben Honeycutt
Welcome to the World
Level Up Dana Watts
Creating ePortfolios with WordPress
1:00 PM Wednesday, December 7 GMT Sandbox Play Teri Gragg
ArtiTech Academy
Sandbox Play Jennifer Wagner
The Power of Projects
Level Up Jayme Linton
Get Out of the Classroom with Virtual Field Trips
Level Up Julia Osteen
What can be done in just 60 seconds?
1:00 PM Thursday, December 8 GMT Sandbox Play Valerie Burton
Tools to help you and your students create, produce and publish
Sandbox Play Naomi Harm
Everything Apps for the K12 Educator!
Level Up Kay Tibbs
Making Learning Fun In Spite of the Technology
Level Up Kristopher Redman / Kern Kelley
Creating a self-grading quiz in Google Spreadsheets
1:00 PM Friday, December 9 GMT Sandbox Play Paula Naugle and Jan Wells
Playing with the 4 C’s in an Elementary Classroom
Sandbox Play Lorna Costantini
Screencasting 101: First Steps to creating On Demand tutorials and presentations
Level Up Leigh Zeitz
Gaming to Learn by Learning to Game
Level Up Martha Lackey
Edmodo: Connect, Collaborate, Create!
Level Up Scott Meech
iCreate vs. iConsumption
2:00 AM Tuesday, December 13 GMT Monday, December 12th at 6 pm Pacific / 7 pm Mountain / 8 pm Central / 9 pm Eastern Live Event

Afterglow Live Event
A live event discussion hosted in Blackboard Collaborate (formerly “Elluminate Live”) including conference keynote speakers and presenters.


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