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Obstacles to Opportunities “Creating a Paradigm Shift in Technology”

Shawn Nutting
Trussville, AL, USA
Blog: http://www.trussvillecityschools.com/Teachers/Shawn.Nutting/default.aspx

Shawn, Dir.of Tech. for Trussville City, IT for 20 years. Published in Business Week Online,T.H.E.Journal, AL Best Practice Center’s WorkingToward Excellence, Access Control&Security Systems. Presenter at AETC, T+L, NECC, and SITE. CNS degree from ITT tech. District V rep. to the AETA, state committee child Internet safety, member of SSA, ISTE, and IEEE. In 2007 awarded the Chiquita Marbury award.

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“Creating a Paradigm Shift in Technology”

What if you worked for a dream system? With a Superintendent & BOE whose focus is technology and professional development. Would it be a utopian and collaborative environment with teachers and students engaged with Web 2.0 tools? Not necessarily. Having open Internet access and a 1:1 computer initiative is not necessarily the key to engagement. A core cultural change must take place where students, teachers, administration and the community support technology in the curriculum. This presentation will share how we overcame many obstacles, created opportunities, and our current obstacles.

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  1. Janice Friesen


    Thanks for this presentation. I think you have hit the hammer right on the head with the paradigm shift idea. I am working in a district VERY similar to yours as a Campus Technology Coordinator. The Eanes district is a small district near the Austin ISD which is a huge city district. There is terrific support for technology at the district level.

    Each one of our schools has someone in my role (CTC-campus technology coordinator). The main point you make that SUPPORT is what makes the difference NOT the amount of equipment is so true. Of course, there has to be enough functioning equipment and a robust network for anything to happen, but you can have that without support and have the computers unused.

    I got some good ideas from your talk.

    Thanks so much,

    Janice Friesen

    p.s. I first tried to look at the video and inspite having a good wireless connection and a new machine it never did stream fast enough for me to keep watching it. I did listen to the audio when I finally gave up!

  2. Mike Arsenault

    Thanks for sharing the great work being done in your district. Have you found your policy of providing new technology to teachers who use it has allowed your non-users to stay that way?

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