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Obstacles to Opportunities “The Technology Specialist as Teacher Leader: Strategies to Ensure Successful Technology Integration and Student Learning in Schools”

Patrick Ledesma
Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Patrick Ledesma is a School Based Technology Specialist (SBTS) and National Board Certified Teacher in Fairfax County, Virginia, where he helps teachers and students integrate technology in the classroom. He is currently in the Ph.D. program at George Mason University.

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“The Technology Specialist as Teacher Leader: Strategies to Ensure Successful Technology Integration and Student Learning in Schools”

Successful technology integration in schools requires more than just advocating technology. Technology integration requires instructional understanding, administrative collaboration. and professional development. This knowledge must be combined with an understanding of student needs, school culture, and current education issues. Technology leadership is instructional leadership, and in his presentation Patrick will review strategies that help the technology specialist balance the numerous hardware, software, training, and instructional issues while keeping a focus on student impact.

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  1. Brandi Caldwell

    Great pointers about balance and about keeping the reality of school in perspective. I hope to be doing this kind of job in the near future and you must wrote the book of rules to live by. Very insightful.

  2. Ann O

    Good points all the way around. There is no one answer that will fit every situation perfectly, but your advice is sound. You have the building blocks laid out in this presentation.

  3. Lucie deLaBruere

    I also listened to it twice and made a copy for my supervisor/administrator. It validated the steps I’ve been taking sine I started this job a couple years ago. You provided a recipe or structure to something that I was doing from my gut! Thanks! I was hoping for a text outline of the key steps in this recipe to print out and share to those who aren’t auditory learners, but I’ll make one!

  4. Maria Emperatriz G. Rabat

    Good points on all the given topics. There realy is no perfect recipe and your numerous suggestions are really helpful. Im a language teaching /ESL graduate student and would like to ask if you have experience in dealing with special children who are relocated to another country and need to learn the new language? Any programs that may help me better teach ESL to special children? Im from the Philippines.

  5. Alex

    Thank you. I have been thinking about leaving the elementary classroom and moving into a technology integration specialist position. You just reinforced my decision for my next career move. I have a masters degree in Elem Ed and I am thinking about going back to school for phd what programs would you recommend for this line of work?

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