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Obstacles to Opportunities “Web 2.0 Share the Adventure”

Sylvia Martinez
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Blog: http://blog.genyes.com/

Sylvia Martinez is president of Generation YES, working to empower students in K-12 schools through digital technology. Sylvia has designed educational games, curriculum, and online experiences for teachers and students. Sylvia speaks and writes on subjects such as the use of technology, simulations and games to enhance educational opportunities and enable youth voice.

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“Web 2.0 Share the Adventure”

For many teachers, Web 2.0 tools offer exciting opportunities for students to express themselves and take command of technology that stretches the mind and reaches outside school walls. For some teachers, these tools are like trying to take a drink of water from a fire hose – endlessly expanding into a bewildering array of choices. It’s a daunting task to figure out all the options with Web 2.0 tools and choose the “best” one to introduce to students. But why should you have all the fun!? Share your Learning Adventure 2.0 with your students and you will all benefit from the experience.

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  1. Ann Marie Di Iorio

    I like the terms Net Generation and
    Yes Generation. Unlike terms, such as
    Baby Boomers or Generation X,
    they embrace people of all age groups. They bring teachers and students together, working and
    communicating with the same technology tools, into the same

  2. Mike Arsenault


    I really enjoyed your presentation. It really made me think about how much teachers hate to say the words, “I don’t know.” I have found that when teachers allow their students to see that they do not know everything, they can learn much more together with their students and still stay “in charge.”

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