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K12 Online Conference » 2014 Schedule

2014 Schedule

All times are EDT. Direct links to presentations will be added as the presentations are published each day at 8:00 AM EDT. Presentations links will also be published to Twitter, Facebook and our conference video podcast channel in iTunesU.

Date and Time Strand/Event Presenter and Presentation
8:00 AM Monday, October 13 EDT Pre-conference Keynote Igniting Innovation in Teaching and Learning
Wes Fryer
8:00 AM Monday, October 20 EDT Stories for Learning Keynote 6 Second Stories for Learning
Ben Wilkoff
Games and Gamification Keynote Game On: How Design and Play Impact Learning
Kevin Hodgson
8:00 AM Tuesday, October 21 EDT Stories for Learning PLN Power: A Personal Story
Jeffrey Bradbury
Stories for Learning A Tale of Three Classrooms: How and Why We Read, Write, and Think for Each Other
Jared Colley and Joel Garza
Games and Gamification “Creating A Classroom EDventure”
Harrison McCoy
Games and Gamification The iPad’s Killer App
Ben Rimes
8:00 AM Wednesday, October 22 EDT Stories for Learning Digital Storytelling through App Smashing
Caroline Doughty
Stories for Learning Augmenting Interest in Reading with Augmented Reality
Kyle Dunbar
Games and Gamification #Gamifi-ED Networked Learning about Serious Games
Verena Roberts
8:00 AM Thursday, October 23 EDT Stories for Learning My Journey With Technology
Cassidy Hall
Stories for Learning We Are All Connected
Tim Holt
Stories for Learning Digital Tools for Challenged Learners~Leveling the playing field!
Cheryl Oakes
Games and Gamification Gamification: It’s not all fun and games!
Avi Spector
8:00 AM Friday, October 24 EDT Stories for Learning Out My Window
Erin Olson, Leslie Pralle Keehn
Stories for Learning Collaboration with TwitCast
Monte Tatom
Stories for Learning How Schools Are Preparing Students To Be Real World Ready
Chris Turnbull
Games and Gamification Five Steps to Level Up Your Teaching
Sarah Thomas
8:00 AM Monday, October 27 EDT Passion-Driven Learning Keynote Passion-Based Learning
Joy Kirr
Passion-Driven Learning Connected Learning Through Google Apps
Jennifer Bloomingdale
Making, Tinkering & Design
Karen Wilkinson
STEAM Programming in Primary
Sam Patterson
8:00 AM Tuesday, October 28 EDT Passion-Driven Learning A Key to Interest-Based Learning
Paul Allison
Passion-Driven Learning Grab the MIC (Musical Integration Concept)
Kevin Cornell
STEAM STEAMmaker Camp: Merging Classroom STEM and Afterschool MakerEducation
Ginger Lewman
8:00 AM Wednesday, October 29 EDT Passion-Driven Learning Genius Hour Passion Projects
JoAnn Delaney
Passion-Driven Learning Connected Learners Need Connected Leaders
Donna Fry and Mark Carbone
STEAM Coding/Making/Writing with Connected Learners
Melissa Techman
Melanie Thompson
8:00 AM Thursday, October 30 EDT Passion-Driven Learning Finding Your People
Cheryl Steighner
Passion-Driven Learning Trust and Transparency
Bart Miller
Passion-Driven Learning Moving From “Some Study I Used to Know” to Inquisitive Learning with Genius Hour & Passion Projects
Michele Haiken
STEAM Educator with a Maker Mindset
Jackie Gerstein
STEAM What Makes a Quality STEM Activity?
Mike Anderson and Scott McLeod
8:00 AM Friday, October 31 EDT Passion-Driven Learning Passion-Driven Learning in #clmooc-Supporting Teacher Agency in Making and Learning
Mallory McNeal and Anna Smith
Passion-Driven Learning An Introduction to Webmaker for Educators
Brendan Murphy
Passion-Driven Learning Web 2.0 Tools that will increase Creativity and Passion in Your Online Courses
Courtney Kofeldt
STEAM How Rube Goldberg Led Our 6th Graders to Pursue Their Passions in STEM
Leigh Zeitz

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