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2015 2015-Stories of Connection

A Little Help From Teachers Near and Far: Creating A Global PLN

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Presenter:  Chris Turnbull

Location:  Saint Paul, Minnesota


Presentation Title:  A Little Help From Teachers Near and Far: Creating A Global PLN

Presentation Description:

In the past teachers were limited to seeking out advice from their colleague across the hall or a department chair during lunch or after school. Now teachers can use a variety of social media tools and apps to find and tap into the collective knowledge of educators near and far for new ideas, resources, and ways to hook and engage students in academic learning. Learn about a variety of ways to expand your professional learning network and revitalize your teaching with a little help from a global line-up of educators.

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2015 2015-Stories of Connection

Adam Jones Education Podcast Creation Story

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Presenter: Adam Jones
Location: Andover, NH, USA

Presentation Title: Adam Jones Education Podcast Creation Story

Presentation Description: In this 17 minute video, I tell the story behind the creation of the Adam Jones Education Podcast. This presentation falls under the “Stories of Connection” theme because I am eager to share how the Podcast has catalyzed my own learning and encouraged others in my PLN to share their stories. At the heart of the story are the three critical ingredients for learning: time for obsession, connection with experts and time to build a prototype to learn from failure. Additionally, producing a regularly occurring Podcast raises questions about how to best promote it with an audience because it really is all about sharing other people’s work beyond our PLN. I continue to learn a ton about leveraging social media for sharing.

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Adam Jones Education Podcast on iTunes:

Adam Jones Daily Vlog:

2015 2015-Stories of Connection

What Can Social Media Aggregation Contribute to Advocating for Education? Getting all A’s in School

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Presenter: Thomas Ho
Location: Whitestown, Indiana USA

Presentation Title: What Can Social Media Aggregation Contribute to Advocating for Education?

Presentation Description: We in education just don’t often do a very good job of telling others what a great job we’re doing, do we? We can harness social media to get that job done so learn WHY we should do it and HOW we can do it!

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2015 2015-Stories of Connection

Hot Teaching Spots

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Presenter:   Maha Hassan

Location:   Cairo, Egypt


Presentation Title:   Hot Teaching Spots

Presentation Description:

For a long time we have been calling for learner autonomy. We have been asking teachers to help their learners take responsibility of their learning and enjoy doing that. From my point of view, we shouldn’t be asking teachers to do that, we should be helping them and guiding them how to do it. Helping them in such a way would urge them to seek Professional Development which means developing their teaching skills and updating their teaching knowledge lifelong. Not only that, but we should cooperate with them to help them apply what they study successfully.

Such a cause has become a community cause not a personal one. Enhancing education can change generations, not to mention the community. It’s a great call that requires cooperation from all sides involved. From here came our idea of gathering scholars, teachers and specialists to help change the mindset of teachers to accept PD. We also aim at exchanging experiences and helping each other with teaching difficulties on/off site.

Through my presentation, I would like to speak about how we started, how we used Discussions among teachers to help exchange ideas and open more doors for teachers to seek PD and how we were also happy to provide back advice for teachers who faced difficulties in class. I’d like also to give an idea about the different free activities that we hold online and on site to spread the idea and our efforts to communicate and cooperate with different organizations and NGOs to get to as many teachers as possible in our community and help raise the educational stake in our country.

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BLOG:  teachingenglishcafe.blogspot.com/

2015 2015-Stories of Connection

Social Annotations: Collaborative Online Reading

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Presenter: Paul Allison
Location: New York City


Presentation Description: For a few years, teachers in the New York City Writing Project and teachers whose students post and comment on Youth Voices have been using online annotation to move students toward critical careful reading, and we have learned how public, online annotation can add collaborative reading to the mix. Recently, we’ve been taking a a closer look at three text-commenting tools: 1) Hypothes.is https://hypothes.is, 2) NowComment https://nowcomment.com, and 3) Lit Genius http://lit.genius.com and beta.genius. We invite you to join us in this inquiry. We are proposing that we ask about the affordances of each of these tools and work them with other teachers, with our students, and with different types of texts.

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Additional Information:
Youth Voices – http://youthvoices.net
Teachers Teaching Teachers – http://edtechtalk.com/ttt

2015 2015-Stories of Connection

The Global Collaborators

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PresenterSteve Sherman

LocationCape Town, South Africa


Presentation Title :  Global Collaboration

Presentation DescriptionAs an educator, I have been running an NGO for 20 Years. In the past few years I began collaborating with teacher colleagues around the world. Teaching in their classes, have them teach in mine. I will share many of my experiences and encourage YOU to join us on our journey of making the world a smaller place. This is what REAL education is about.

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Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Living-Maths-191424357561419/timeline/

2015-Stories of Connection

WOW Wednesday

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Presenter: Pat Goodwin and Susan Baker
Location: Bonham Texas
Pat Goodwin
Susan Baker

Presentation Description: This presentation provides information on how I W Evans Intermediate school implemented Without Worksheets Wednesday as a way to increase the rigor. The principal Susan Baker, developed WOW tag to help teachers understand different techniques to teach without worksheets. While some stuggles at first students and teachers alike can see improvements in the depth and complexity of lessons. Students learn without even knowing they are doing work. They are no longer bored from endless worksheets. Come along as we take you on our journey. The link at the end will provide several resources to allow you to start your own WOW Wednesday.

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2015 2015-Stories of Connection

The Power of the PLN in Your Own Backyard

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Presenter: Ben Rimes
Location: St. Joseph, MI, United States

Presentation Title: The Power of the PLN in Your Own Backyard

Presentation Description: Connected educators have done an amazing job of flattening their learning experiences for students, and bringing the world into their classrooms. But what happens when we leverage social media to bring about real change locally in our own communities? How do we bring our connections back down out of the cloud to create opportunities for members of our communities to grow and learn together? View three different examples of individuals coming together on regional and state levels through social media to bring about real change and create lasting memories.

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Links related to the video:

Write a House Project – http://writeahouse.com

Pure Michigan Sing-a-Long – https://vimeo.com/54867886

Voices of #michED – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGpkibXv9iBjqc3oAhcXdA-lunzYZRpGx

#michED Twitter Chat – http://miched.net


2015 2015-Stories of Connection

Building Bridges: Connecting Students and Teachers to the World through Innovative Technologies

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Presenters: Fran Siracusa and Jennifer Williams
Location: Clearwater, FL, USA


Presentation Title: Building Bridges: Connecting Students and Teachers to the World through Innovative Technologies

Presentation Description: In this video recorded session, participants will be introduced to ways to connect students to the world through innovative instructional practices and integrated technology. Likened to building a bridge, participants will be guided through the entire process of global collaboration through the Plan, Design, Constructors, Tools, and Connection. Specific examples of global projects and connection to national and international standards of instruction will be examined and tech tools and apps for collaboration will be demonstrated. Participants will be directed to explore and try out all technologies digitally throughout the session. Nearpod will be used in coordination with the videocast to offer an example of innovative teaching practices. Participants will leave with ready-to-use ideas for instruction and with ways to create global projects in their classrooms. Join for a fun and exciting session that will help to build the bridges that will bring innovation, connection, and inspiration for the future!

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2015 2015-Stories of Connection

The #WalkMyWorld Project: Exploring the use of digital texts and tools as a means to connect, collaborate, & share

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Presenter: W. Ian O’Byrne
Location: Charleston, SC, USA

Presentation Title: The #WalkMyWorld Project: Exploring the use of digital texts and tools as a means to connect, collaborate, & share

Presentation Description: The purpose of this session is to bring together multiple perspectives and participants to conceptualize #WalkMyWorld as a space to explore avenues for pre-service teachers, as a tool for focusing on media literacies, and as an exploration of a community of writers. Evolving pedagogical models for new literacies and emerging technologies allow texts to unfold in new reading and writing spaces. These studies explore an evolving “community of inquiry” called #WalkMyWorld. This cross-platform poetry project cut across chronotopes of time and space as participants explored various lifeworlds by responding to and authoring multi-modal poetry.

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The #WalkMyWorld Project

Additional Information:
For more information on the project, learning events, and tutorials shared please visit the following website: https://sites.google.com/site/walkmyworldproject/.

All of my personal posts about the #WalkMyWorld Project can be viewed here: http://wiobyrne.com/tag/walkmyworld/