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Obstacles to Opportunities Crossing the Copyright Boundary in the Digital Age”

Karen Richardson
Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
Blog: http://witchyrichy.wordpress.com

Karen is a full-time doctoral student in Curriculum and Educational Technology at the College of William and Mary. She also serves as an adjunct instructor at the College. Her “real” work varies from helping school divisions update technology plans to working with principals who are learning about their roles in the integration process to providing ftf and online workshops on a variety of tech topics. She is the chair of the Board of Directors of the Virginia Society for Technology and Education.

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“Crossing the Copyright Boundary in the Digital Age”

Copyright used to be only a problem to teachers as they tried to figure out what they could and could not use. Some just gave up and crossed their fingers. Multimedia projects loaded onto websites only made it worse because now it really did matter where you got it. Fortunately, just as the web has facilitated file sharing, it has also given birth to new ideas about copyright and how we can make the rules more user-friendly. This presentation will briefly review current copyright law, but it will focus primarily on a new trend called Creative Commons that puts power in the hands of both the creator and the consumer, who is, by the way, probably also a creator. The copyright boundary has been breached and teachers and students should be stepping through!

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  1. Jose Rodriguez

    I always try to stay away from presentations that deal with policy and the like. Boy, was I wrong! Your presentation resource materials are what I as a classroom teacher need to know about in creating content in a Web 2.0 world. I especially liked the youtube videos. The use of video for this purpose is very effective. The explanation of Creative Commons and how I can use it in my classroom really help me to publish content in my classroom. Thank you.

  2. embielik

    I extensively use Keynote to present in class. During my presentations, I use short 20-30 second clips from television to support my information. According to the October 15, 2002 Tech Learning Copyright quiz, I can use these clips. Should I give credit to these clips? Currently, I am not crediting them.

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