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Obstacles to Opportunities “Starting From Scratch: Framing Change for All Stakeholders”

Ben Wilkoff
Denver, Co, USA
Blog: http://yongesonne.edublogs.org

Ben Wilkoff is a 7th/8th grade Language Arts teacher at Cresthill Middle School in Colorado (a Denver suburb). He has been immersed in the world of school 2.0 ever since he started reading Will Richardson’s blog in 2004, and he was recently awarded the Totally Wired Teacher of 2007 award by Edutopia Magazine. Ben has also designed a school 2.0 within a school model called The Academy of Discovery.

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Presentation Title
“Starting From Scratch: Framing Change for All Stakeholders”

Starting from Scratch tells the story of education transformation. Its point of view is the classroom, with all of its eccentricities and complications. The characters are students, teachers, administrators, and parents, with all of their hopes and fears vying for attention. Its plot shows measured steps down the path of real change. This presentation chronicles one educator’s experience with crafting a voice at the intersection of research, pedagogy, and technology. It outlines a way forward for teachers who recognize the obstacles to opportunity and still want to press on.

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Supporting Links
Academy of Discovery Portal

Discourse about Discourse Blog

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A screencast on Framing Change for Students

A screencast on The Academy of Discovery Wiki


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  1. Kevin H.

    I know I need to set aside time to come back to your real presentation, but I just clicked on your resource handout and it just blows me away.
    Thanks for doing all that work and sharing it.
    Can we use it in workshops (giving you credit, of course)

  2. Marie Coleman

    Appreciate the ‘framework’ you have provided in this presentation – your 6 C’s offer a directional trail for pioneers, but are also relevant to many of the fence-sitters. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Clarence Fisher

    This is a visually beautiful presentation that needs more time from me to fully dig into it. I love the idea of looking to students for their responses to the frame and asking them for their thoughts and their buy in. I also think that you are right when it comes to parents. If we want to convince them of the value of what we do, convince their kids first. They see us and put up with us every single day. They are on the frontlines of change.

  4. Ben Wilkoff

    Of course you can use the 101 Resources and Tools document. Let me know if anyone you show it to would like to make changes… I am planning on tweaking it over time to make it even more relevant. I haven’t put the creative commons license on it yet, but it will be there eventually.

  5. Glenn Moses

    Ben – Wise beyond your years. You couldn’t have hit it much harder on the head. We have to start reframing (not to mention renaming) the conversation for change to occur. If you’ve added the closing video to YouTube could you please provide the link to it? If not, please consider adding it. It needs to be out there and part of the conversation.

    Great job.

  6. Mike Arsenault

    Outstanding presentation! I have used your 101 Resources document in the past – what a great resource for teachers. The Six Strings of Authentic Learning is another piece that will be used in the future.

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