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Professional Learning Networks “Creating PLE’s with TLC”

Brandi Caldwell
Springville, Alabama, USA
Blog: http://mrscaldwell0.edublogs.org/

Brandi is married with two sons Trey (7) and Brady (5 mths). She has taught high school English for 11 years. In 2002 she became a Nationally Board Certified Teacher. In 2006 she became a 21st Century Fellow with the Alabama Best Practices Center. Her goal in the classroom as well as with teacher training is to show that school can be challenging and creative through the use of technology integration.

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“Creating PLE’s with TLC”

All teachers should feel like they can be a part of a professional learning environment (PLE) that involves their colleagues within the school, the district, and the world. Many face obstacles when seeking meaningful professional development. Brandi will provide ten technology-infused steps toward creating group collaboration and professional learning environments. The first step will be the most basic with the greatest comfort level and each step will advance towards a more technologically proficient user.

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  1. Clay Burell

    Just watched the video, and believe it’s an example of how K120nline needs to start categorizing its presentations in some sort of “beginner” / “intermediate” / “advanced” framework.

    Brandi’s presentation was great for a newcomers’ audience. Fellow teacher-geeks have probably already explored these “boundaries.”

    I say this with a loud “good job” to Brandi 🙂

  2. Brandi Caldwell

    You are completely right, Clay. I wanted this to be a session that could be shared with resistant teachers. So many of us who attend this conference speak a different language than the masses. I was trying to address the realities that many of us see in our schools especially in rural or isolated areas. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Clay Burell

    Hi Brandi,
    And that’s why your presentation had such value – now it’s your turn to be exactly right 🙂

    It’s still useful to be aware of your resource for the resistant teachers in my neck of the woods (and any future woods, since I’m an international school nomad).

    So thanks again for that 🙂

  4. Jennifer Lubke


    I like the way you organized the tools in sort of an ascending order of difficulty or complexity. Starting with email was savvy — I think even the most techphobic teachers will feel like, “Hm. I use email! Maybe this stuff isn’t too difficult after all.” You are right in that email (the granddaddy social networking tool) is still the essential jumping off point for establishing an online presence.

    Great sticky idea with “TLC” — I may borrow that one!

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