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2008 2008 - Prove It!

Prove It “Student Creation of Digital Documentaries in History Classrooms: Research Findings”

Glen Bull, Tom Hammond, and Curby Alexander, Virginia, USA
University of Virginia & Lehigh University

Bio: Glen Bull is co-director of the Center for Technology and Teacher Education in the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia. Tom Hammond is an assistant professor of social studies education at Lehigh University. Curby Alexander is a graduate fellow in the Curry Center for Technology and Teacher Education.

Bio Page: https://k12online08presenters.wikispaces.com/Curby+Alexander

Presentation Title: Student Creation of Digital Documentaries in History Classrooms: Research Findings
: PrimaryAccess is a free online digital documentary maker designed for social studies instruction. This presentation will provide a quick introduction to PrimaryAccess and then describe some of the research on its use in classrooms, focusing on students’ learning outcomes. The presentation concludes with recommendations for teaching with PrimaryAccess.

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Supporting Links: www.primaryaccess.org

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  4. Carly Leavitt

    I truly enjoyed this presentation and look forward to using Primary Access in my social studies classroom. This is an excellent tool for incorporating primary sources with technology. I think the narration will help students understand the historical significance of different events.

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