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2008 2008 - Getting Started

Getting Started “The Google Gamut: Everything you need to get started”

Kern Kelley Maine, USA
Blog: http://thetechcurve.blogspot.com

Bio: Kern has uses technology in education since the beginning of his teaching career. Starting with computer clubs in Thames, New Zealand he now works and lives in central Maine, USA. He is a technology teacher at a 5-8 school and a continuing focus of his educational philosophy is having students teach others. Because of the changing nature of technology, Kern believes it is the perfect vehicle for students to learn by teaching. He is a Google Certified Teacher and has presented at the local, state and national level.
Bio Page: https://k12online08presenters.wikispaces.com/Kern+Kelley

Presentation Title: “The Google Gamut: Everything you need to get started”
Description: The number of technology resources available to us can be overwhelming and whenever I’m asked “Where to begin?” I usually suggest setting up a Google Account. With a single login and password, users have access to dozens of free services. This presentation walks through the process of setting up an account and then using a handful of the more popular applications that Google offers. The progression runs from email to a personalized homepage, blog reader and writer, online word processor, spreadsheet and presentation suite, calendar, photo storage, and finally a web page creator to pull it all together. Also, because Google is constantly adding and improving features, users who already have accounts might just pick up on some new tips they hadn’t known about.

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Companion website to the presentation: http://sites.google.com/site/thek12gamut
Additional Resources: http://sites.google.com/site/gtaresources

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  1. H Songhai

    Good presentation. 21st Century professional development. I think all teachers who are not using Google applications need to see your presentation.
    Very informative. Good show.
    My students will benefit from this.


    H Songhai
    Hope Charter School

  2. Alice Barr


    I shared your session with students and received the following comment from a freshman:

    “While I am home sick today, I took the time to watch the conference video that you sent us. I thought it was very useful and I learned a great deal about Google! Definitely a great resource for everyone from teachers to students!”

  3. Nancee Wilson

    Good presentation but hard to hear. I am a google nut and feel teachers should look further into this wonderful search tool which has so much more to offer. Currently, I use Google in my classroom, its clean and easy to use and the kids are comfortable with it. There isn’t the “clutter” that comes with most search tools.

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  5. al gunn

    Good overview for folks just getting started. I’m going to be referring a number of my colleagues.

    Next time, might be helpful to zoom in a little when you are referring to some of the textual areas that are hard to read. I’m familiar with the territory so it didn’t bother me, but might be harder for a new tourist to Google-land to follow along.

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