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2008 2008 - Kicking It Up a Notch

Kicking it Up a Notch Film School For Video Podcasters

Mathew Needleman Los Angeles, California, USA

Blog: http://www.needleworkspictures.com/ocr/blog

Bio: https://k12online08presenters.wikispaces.com/Mathew+Needleman

Bio: Mathew Needleman, Apple Distinguished Educator, has been integrating video in the classroom for seven years as a teacher of kindergarten, first, and second grade. He has specialized in working with English Language Learners and mainstreamed special education students in low-income schools. Mathew’s classroom movies have won numerous awards and he maintains an independent film career. Mathew has provided professional development for Los Angeles Unified School District, the Los Angeles County Office of Education, Antioch University and at national and local educational conferences.

Presentation Description: Make better classroom movies with simple tips that will help elevate your vodcast to the next level in terms of artistic and technical merit. Learn how to storyboard like a pro, choose shots that support the telling of your story, and capture better lighting and sound. Regain lost opportunities to teach media literacy and higher level thinking via video production by empowering yourself to empower your students. Tap into over one hundred years of movie history with this engaging presentation that instructs as it entertains.


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Original (16:31 Run Time; .m4v, 77.0 MB)

iPod Video (16:31 Run Time; mv4, 77.0 MB)

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  2. Elona Hartjes

    You’ve really demystified the process of making films in the classroom for me. Thank you for that. I’m going to have my students create a short film illustrating each of our classroom agreements- mutual respect, attentive listening, appreciation and the right to pass. I’ll let you know how things go.

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  4. gail desautels

    Fantastic video on many levels. I was a little surprised to see a sketchbook being used for story boarding however….and would like to see a next generation recreation using visual mapping techiques…. ok, maybe I’ll work on it….. Thank you – many, many great tips!

  5. Mathew Needleman

    Thank you everyone for your comments.

    @Elona, I look forward to seeing your class movies.

    @Gail, There’s something about curling up with a sketchbook that I don’t think computers will ever replace though I’d love to hear about your visual mapping techniques.

  6. gail desautels

    Mathew – I couldn’t agree more – the feel of the paper and the sound of a charcoal pen are wonderful and irreplaceable experiences! So is chinese brush painting. However, I think I found a great answer following links from your blog – in the Thinking Maps resources. For those with NVLD who sometimes have a hard time holding a pencil, let alone putting their thoughts on paper, concepts maps are a wonderful way to allow them to connect their words and see the logic or flow. The Thinking Map video also says what we need to do …. it’s all about patterning, and recreating the link to the lost images as well as providing the images. So since we are talking visual images, let’s not forget to use visual imaging tools – the 21st century classroom needs to incorporate UDL principles. I am waiting for a transcript of that video …. so I can pass some of this on to web 1.0 people…..cheers

  7. Alec Couros

    Just finished watching Matthew, and this was awesome! This will be a great resource for my teacher education students, so thanks so much for taking the time to put this together. I look forward to your work in the future.

  8. Silvia Tolisano

    Very interesting and timely presentation as more and more teachers are starting to get comfortable with tools such as moviemaker and photostory. Once the tools to create these movies are not the primary focus anymore we NEED to move on to the skills we want to be teaching our students with movies. What resonated most with me was your question, why we continue to teach a media (text) in schools that most of our students are not using to get their information from outside of school?
    It reminded me of the video, created by Michael Wesh “A Vision of Students Today”.
    We need to teach media literacy in/for the media that students are using in their everyday life.

    Great presentation. Thank you for addressing this important point we need to start addressing.

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  16. Karin

    Mathew, this is a terrific resource. My background is in print journalism. I’ve been moving abruptly and ineptly into video storytelling with my high school students, because that’s where they are and it’s where I need to be. Your emphasis on media literacy is timely and refreshing.

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  24. Steven C. Thedford

    The session pointed that many video project are just gloried PowerPoint. Many teacherswould agree. Yet, there exist little staff developments on movie making. However, the session provides techniques on movie making that has been learned over the past 100 years.

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