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Receive professional development credits

Educators participating in the 2008 K-12 Online Conference can receive professional development credit from their local school organizations. Details about these procedures are available on our K12Online08 Professional Development (PD) Credit Wiki. Be sure to thoroughly read the expectations letter and share it with your local school organization BEFORE attending K12Online08 events and submitting reflections.

Educators wanting PD credit should follow the suggested rubric for 2008 or a locally created rubric by your school organization. To receive a printable email message which can be used as a professional development certificate, conference participants should submit their reflection (following the rubric) on the conference blog and be sure to check the box at the bottom, “Send Participation Credit.”

K12Online08 PD Credit Certificate

One hour of PD credit can be awarded for each presentation of the 2008 K-12 Online Conference which an educator attends and reflects upon following the guidance included on our PD wiki. As emphasized on the wiki, conveners and presenters CANNOT guarantee that local credit will be awarded, but we hope the procedures we have put in place will facilitate the awarding of local PD credit for participation in the conference.

If your school is granting local credit for teachers participating in K12Online08, please add your information to the “Schools Granting Credit for 2008 K-12 Online Conference Participation” wiki page.

Many, many thanks to Stephanie Sandifer, the chair of our 2008 professional development committee, as well as other members of the committee and our volunteer, custom WordPress plug-in developer Brendon Boshell. We are using a modified version of the plug-in Thank Me Later which Brendon customized for us to meet our needs.

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