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2008 - Leading the Change

Leading the ChangeThere’s Something Going on Here You Need to Know About…

Dennis Richards Andover, Massachusetts, USA
Blog: http://innovation3.edublogs.org

Bio: Dennis is a former English teacher and administrator in urban and suburban schools for many years. Dennis has always gravitated toward K12 leadership, learning and technology topics. He has graduate degrees from Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English and Harvard University’s School of Education. In addition to blogging about K12 learning, leading and web 2.0 tools/pedagogies at innovation3.edublogs.org, he is president of the Massachusetts affiliate of ASCD, a member of the Leadership Council for ASCD; a member of the Massachusetts Working Group for Educator Quality; Co-Facilitator of the Massachusetts High School Redesign Task Force; and a member of Massachusetts STEM Summit V Planning Committee.
Bio Page: http://k12online08presenters.wikispaces.com/Dennis+Richards

Charlene Chausis Lincolnshire, Illinois, USA
Blog: http://educatingeducators.blogspot.com

Bio: Charlene is the Technology Training and Integration Manager at Adlai E. Stevenson High School, in Lincolnshire, IL. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator (class of 2003), an ISTE Outstanding Leader (2007), a STAR Discovery Educator and a Google Certified Teacher. She thinks of herself as a “connector” — always working to connect people with ideas and tools in support of education. Charlene believes in promoting ubiquitous technology in education — “it’s not about the technology,” it’s about finding ways to harness the power of technology to help students learn, and be productive citizens in an ever-changing global society.”
Bio Page: http://k12online08presenters.wikispaces.com/Charlene+Chausis

Presentation Title: There’s Something Going on Here You Need to Know About…
Description: In July 2007 a superintendent had his first introduction to the Internet world where collaborating, contributing and creating are the norm. Later that year, in SecondLife, the superintendent met the International Society for Technology in Education’s 2007 Technology Leader of the Year, who has mentored him, as the need arose, during a year and a half of his self-directed learning.
The superintendent has learned much about the people, platforms, and the pedagogy of this online world with help from people like the mentor who live all over the world and who accepted his invitation to become part of the online network of educators he has developed and nurtured since 2007. What are Ustream, Twitter, YouTube, Elluminate, Diigo, Mind42, Jing, SecondLife, Google Docs, and TED? What do they have to with learning? Our capacity to learn? to share? to invent? Come join the conversation as the superintendent, Dennis Richards, and the mentor, Charlene Chausis, “tell you three stories on the way to one argument.”

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  1. Charlene Chausis

    I’m not sure if this is a problem for everyone else, but it seems that the video and audio do not seem to be in sync in the embedded version here (at least for me). I would encourage you to download the file and watch the downloaded version.


  2. Wesley Fryer Post author

    I will follow up on that and see what is going on, Charlene. I listened to the mp3 version this morning on my commute and it was fine, but I haven’t watched the video yet.

    Charlene and Dennis: Thank you both so much for sharing these stories and this argument! I had heard a little about your learning journey with web 2.0 tools from Darren Kuropatwa and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Dennis, but it is so great to hear it explained in this way. What a powerful tale! I am so enthused to learn about your Learning Beyond Boundaries collaborations and plans to work with ASCD. I really do think bringing our conversations here in K12Online “out” to others not in our current learning communities is a major ethic we all need to take seriously. Clearly you all are doing that.

    If I can assist and facilitate the work you all are doing with ASCD please let me know. I am looking forward to taking in your presentation again via video– this morning I just listened to the audio-only version in the car.

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