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2006- Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles”Selling Web 2.0 to Senior Management”

Terry Freedman
Essex, United Kingdom
Blog: http://www.ictineducation.org/

Presentation Title
“Selling Web 2.0 to Senior Management”

Terry is an independent educational technology consultant with experience of bringing about cultural change throughout local authorities (equivalent to USA school districts) and in schools. He also tries to spread practical advice about managing educational technology and using it in the classroom through his website and blog at http://www.terry-freedman.org.uk./

Colleagues may also be interested in the ebook Coming of Age: An Introduction to the NEW Worldwide Web. The first edition is available at http://www.ictineducation.org/db/web2. The second edition features Sheryl, Darren, Wes and a number of other people you’ve met during this conference. Keep track of progress at http://web2booklet.blogspot.com/

Terry’s view is that at some point it is going to be necessary to ‘sell’ Web 2.0 to the school’s management/administration. This may be from the outset, or it may be subsequently, in order to expand and embed its use into normal practice, eg in order to ensure equal opportunities in terms of access and experience. The purpose of his presentation is to look at the most common obstacles to the implementation of Web 2.0 tools like blogging, and how to address them. The presentation will equip delegates with the following knowledge:

– The seven general principles of presenting new ideas
– Objection analysis
– The four main areas of concern usually expressed, and how to deal with them.
– Seven proactive things you can do to get the management (or other influential people) on your side.
– Four reasons why a supportive management is not always a good thing.
– Four tactics to get a supportive administration or leadership team working with you rather than against you.
– Three things to do if blogging etc has already been banned.

The presentation takes the form of a podcast and an accompanying PDF which goes into much more detail.



  1. Lee Baber

    Perfect! I am doing many “first” web 2.0 activities in my school. I have won grants to fund ideas I have using these tools. I have got a new list of things to do as soon as I get back to school Monday. Updates with a list of things my prinicipal can use to help promote the ideas as well as have the credit he deserves for his open minded acceptance is essential. Also, “sharing” what we are doing on a bulletin board outside the room is an excellent idea. The essential assessment paperwork will also be important to pass on to the technology director at the head of the county so he knows how things are going after taking a security risk by letting me handle these issues on my own.
    Thanks Terry. I will get right on it!
    Lee Ann Baber

  2. Anne Davis

    You have provided a wonderful resource for the community. It is a great step-by-step resource for action. Please tell your wife how much I enjoyed her part in the presentation. Great conversations! I’ve blogged about it and added this resource to the “obstacles” wiki.

  3. Terry Freedman

    Oh, thanks very much, Anne! I was worried that it wasn’t as “whizzy” as some of the presentations, but we felt that it was plain and simple, and therefore fit for purpose, and you’ve helped very much to confim that feeling. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Mark Ahlness

    I finally got around to listening to your presentation, and I was just absolutely blown away. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and common sense with us all.

    As one of those classroom teacher fanatics attracted to the medium like a bug to light – and incredibly frustrated that others do not “see” it, your presentation was a much needed sobering reminder – about the value of patience and well-laid plans.

    I shall indeed fill out your survey, and I intend to blog about your presentation as well. And I also had an out-loud laugh more than once 🙂 Great stuff! Thanks – Mark

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