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2006- Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles”It’s Elementary Kids, Working Web 2.0 With Grade 3-4″

John Pearce
Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Presentation Title
“It’s Elementary Kids, Working Web 2.0 With Grade 3-4”

John Pearce teaches grade 3-4 children at a school in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Over the past two years he and his students have experimented with the use of blogs, wikis and podcasts in assisting learning in a range of interesting formats. These have included using blogs and wikis for collaborative projects with overseas schools, creating online stories using a wiki as well as the more ‘traditional’ formats. Along the way many lessons have been learnt not least of which is that students see that the tools they enjoy playing with can also be powerful learning tools.

This presentation will explore that journey focussing on the lessons learnt along the way so far. Also included in the presentation will be some critical reflections from the students involved. As well as including personal anecdotal experiences, this presentation will also include artefacts and reflections from the students.

Whilst viewing the presentation please take the time to have a look around the Articulate window as John has included in the presentation some additional notes as well as some attachments including a survey undertaken by his students reflecting on the use of elements of Web 2.0. Included also are some tutorial notes that he has used with other teachers to get them started with edublogs, wikispaces, audacity and Microsoft Photo Story 3 as well as a “talking book” one of his grade 3’s wrote and narrated for out Middle P Stories blog. The attachments window can be found in the top right corner of the Articulate screen.

(Important Note, at the time of writing this blurb the server at my school is offline because of a service upgrade. As a result some of the links mentioned may not be functional so please check back later if they don’t work at first.):)



  1. John Pearce

    Photo Story has taken off big time at our school. My students have been using it to make “talking books” from print publications they have made earlier in the year. These have been uploaded to a dedicated blog, Middle P Stories as WMV files. Unfortunately because of serverproblems at school the blog is fine however the stories cannot be accessed, (hopefully next week the technician, (there’s that word again :), will have them up and running again. If you take the attachments link in the top right hand corner of the Articulate screen however, as Photo Story has done, you will find one example of a story. You will alos find a tutorial that I have written and used with a number of teachers to get you started with Photo Story.

  2. Graham Wegner

    I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to sit down and view your presentation, John but I would like to pass my congratulations on such a fantastic presentation. Ironically, although I’m a very strong advocate of Web 2.0 tools in the classroom, I haven’t implemented as many in the classroom as I should. In 2007, that will change as I will be in the classroom four days of the week and be able to follow through a lot more things that I set up. Your experiences will be invaluable as I set things up.

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