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2006- Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles”Mobile Learning Redefined”

Steve Dembo
Skokie, Illinois, USA
Blog: http://teach42.com/

Presentation Title
“Mobile Learning Redefined”

Steve Dembo served as both a Kindergarten teacher and Director of Technology before joining Discovery Education. As the Online Community Manager for the Discovery Educator Network, he oversees the DEN virtual community including a network of over 20 educational blogs. The Teach42 podcast was one of the first educational podcasts and has served as the inspiration for many other educators to create their own shows. He is passionate about education and works with teachers around the globe in their efforts to explore and integrate new technologies. Steve’s blog and podcast can be found at Teach42.com.

Students are bringing their cell phone, iPod, Palm handheld, and PSP to school and we respond by forbidding their use or treat confiscation. However, these are the tools of the new generation and educators must change and consider how to utilize and embrace these new online learning tools. In this session you will learn about how video can be brought to handhelds and phones, how to create websites designed for portable devices, and how the mobile internet is making information more accessible than ever. You will explore what students are using and how these tools can be harnessed to support good teaching. You may even learn how to convince your principal you need a handheld!


Supporting Links
Kaiser Foundation Report- Generation M: Media in the Lives of 8-18 Year Olds

The Internet and Education report by Pew Internet & American Life Project

Education tool a phone call away – Technology – theage.com.au

eSchool News online – Youths use cell phones as mini-PCs

New Study Recasts Cell Phones as Effective Teaching Tool

Every One Learns – Pedagogy, Technology, Motivation: Do Something Disruptive


  1. Eric

    The video freezes at the 9:31 mark (showing “What can you do with the technology your students already have”. I re-downloaded the .wmv and the same thing happens each time I play it. I would love to see the end of this presentation, so please repost the video.

  2. Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

    Thanks Eric,

    I just replayed the originial clip and you are so right! We will get that fixed right away.

    We will repost today.

    Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach
    k12 Online Convener

  3. Tony Vincent

    Steve, this was wonderful! Your presentation was full of stuff that was new to me and you provided great visuals so that I could see exactly what you were talking about. Bravo!

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  7. Cheryl Oakes

    I am wondering if some of our students will think an intrusion to begin using their cell phones for class. Our students think that myspace is private, and that it is only for their peers and are somewhat insulted that adults actually know how to use myspace.
    I wonder how we can bridge this and make these tools that Steve mentions operational and available to the instruction we have going on in our schools. Actually, if we can make these devices instructionally available for collaboration that will be the critical tipping point.I think that collaboration is where our technology should be pointing.

  8. Darren Kuropatwa

    I don’t think kids will find using their cell phones in an educational context intrusive … I think they’ll like it!. 😉

    Kids today expect all their stuff (services) to be integrated into one easy to use package. Modern cell phones are exactly that sort of package. I think the kids that used their cell phones to do the flickr assignment I gave them liked that they could use their cell phones for the assignment instead of a digital camera. It made it easier in that they could do the assignment “on the go” so to speak. Actually, the assignment was designed with the idea that they would use their cell phones to do it. 😉


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  10. Ralph emerson

    However, these are the tools of the new generation and educators must change and consider how to utilize and embrace these new online learning tools. In this session you will learn about how video can be brought to handhelds and phones.

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