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2006- Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles”Trash to Treasures: Creating Your Own Computer Lab”

Published by:

Brandi Caldwell
Pinson, Alabama, USA
Blog: http://mtnbrookseniors.blogspot.com/

Presentation Title
“Trash to Treasures: Creating Your Own Computer Lab”

Having been a classroom teacher for ten years, Brandi has watched the evolution of technology in her classroom. She is a National Board Certified teacher who has taught in rural schools with no equipment, middle class schools with very little accessibility, and her current assignment is in a resource rich school system . Each kind of school has its own set of obstacles to overcome. Brandi feels that if you are going to be a pioneer, you have to expect to journey through some storms and mud along the way. This year she had the priviledge of being selected by the Alabama Best Practice Center as a 21st Century Fellow. Through this work Brandi has had opportunities to meet, network, and educate with teachers across the state and globally through presentations and online workshops. Not only is she an avid blogger, but Brandi is a soon to be second time mom, a coach’s wife, senior English teacher, and self proclaimed domestic goddess!

At her previous last school, Brandi experienced the ‘loss’ of their one and only computer lab. This presentation (done in powerpoint along with a handout full of links changed to a wiki) was done at Alabama Educators Technology Conference two years ago. Brandi called it Trash to Treasures: Creating your own Computer Lab from Scratch. This is her story of the journey from a one computer classroom to a class of 20 computers completely networked. She relates her own obstacles with money and equipment as well as dealing with the IT folks at the district level. It includes links to sites that provide grants and computer recycling/donation sites.


Errata: The link to the wiki is http://labforfree.wikispaces.com/

2006- Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles”Mobile Learning Redefined”

Published by:

Steve Dembo
Skokie, Illinois, USA
Blog: http://teach42.com/

Presentation Title
“Mobile Learning Redefined”

Steve Dembo served as both a Kindergarten teacher and Director of Technology before joining Discovery Education. As the Online Community Manager for the Discovery Educator Network, he oversees the DEN virtual community including a network of over 20 educational blogs. The Teach42 podcast was one of the first educational podcasts and has served as the inspiration for many other educators to create their own shows. He is passionate about education and works with teachers around the globe in their efforts to explore and integrate new technologies. Steve’s blog and podcast can be found at Teach42.com.

Students are bringing their cell phone, iPod, Palm handheld, and PSP to school and we respond by forbidding their use or treat confiscation. However, these are the tools of the new generation and educators must change and consider how to utilize and embrace these new online learning tools. In this session you will learn about how video can be brought to handhelds and phones, how to create websites designed for portable devices, and how the mobile internet is making information more accessible than ever. You will explore what students are using and how these tools can be harnessed to support good teaching. You may even learn how to convince your principal you need a handheld!


Supporting Links
Kaiser Foundation Report- Generation M: Media in the Lives of 8-18 Year Olds

The Internet and Education report by Pew Internet & American Life Project

Education tool a phone call away – Technology – theage.com.au

eSchool News online – Youths use cell phones as mini-PCs

New Study Recasts Cell Phones as Effective Teaching Tool

Every One Learns – Pedagogy, Technology, Motivation: Do Something Disruptive

2006- Pers Prof Development

Personal Professional Development”The 21st Century Educator’s toolbox: Developing a Professional Learning Environment”

Published by:

Julie Lindsay
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Blog: http://123elearning.blogspot.com/

Presentation Title
“The 21st Century Educator’s toolbox: Developing a Professional Learning Environment”

Julie Lindsay is Head of Technology and Director of E-Learning of International School Dhaka, Bangladesh. In 25 years of education her experience and qualifications have spanned four countries (including Australia, Zambia, and Kuwait) and two main curriculum areas (Music, ICT). She recently completed a MA in Educational Technology Leadership and is currently a member of the ISTE International Committee and the ICT curriculum specialist for ISTE’s Learning and Leading magazine. As an international educator Julie has a vision and a commitment to educational technology that includes fostering global citizenship and life long learning. She has presented at international conferences on digital literacy and Web2.0 objectives including blogging and podcasting, and is an exponent of online and one-to-one learning ideals in the classroom. Her personal blogs can be found at http://123elearning.blogspot.com/ and http://elgg.net/julielindsay/weblog
and online portfolio at http://julielindsay.wikispaces.com/


A Professional Learning Environment (PLE) is a place or places on the Internet where learning and interaction with others takes place using available online tools. It is a collection of resources and tools specifically chosen by the individual to be used during the average working day and for recording or documenting the journey of learning professionally and also personally if desired.

Why set up a PLE?

  • Store pertinent information
  • Show professional development
  • Share personal experiences
  • Share resources: socialbookmarking, online images and multimedia files
  • Blog and interact
  • Collaborate with educators around the world

Every professional educator needs online spaces for portfolio development and fostering interaction and collaboration. This presentation will look at online tools that can be used to collate and present resources, to invite community interaction and contributions and to use as a platform for personal expression. It will take the perspective of the educator who has needs for storage of ideas and tools, self-promotion, collaboration and access to other educators online. Using freely available Web 2.0 tools every educator can develop a Professional Learning Environment to complement their educational objectives.

Visit the wiki link below and discover many Web 2.0 resources for developing a PLE and a chance to offer your opinion and thoughts about this topic.


Supporting Link

2006- Pers Prof Development

Personal Professional Development”Home Grown: Within/Without the district”

Published by:

Mark Ahlness
Seattle, Washington, USA
Blog: http://ahlness.com/

Presentation Title
“Home Grown: Within/Without the district”

Mark is a third grade teacher at Arbor Heights Elementary School in Seattle, Washington, USA. In August of 1994 he started up his school’s web site, www.arborheights.com, one of the very first elementary schools to appear on the Internet. Also in 1994, he started The Earth Day Groceries Project, www.earthdaybags.org, one of the oldest and largest educational projects on the Internet. Mark is a strong advocate for safe student blogging at the elementary school level. His third graders at http://www.roomtwelve.com/ continue to set a standard for quality student writing in the web 2.0 world.

This is a documentation of and a model for staff development in web 2.0 tools done by a classroom teacher. What makes this presentation unique is that it tracks an ongoing effort in staff training – taught within a school district, but without school district support. On his own, Mark is offering workshops monthly throughout the school year for his colleagues in his school and for anyone else in his school district. The sessions occur in the computer lab or in his third grade classroom. Also in the works are online workshops in the evenings, in real time. This presentation documents the first three offerings, from October of 2006, two in person and one online. The presentation is a wiki, with links to podcasts recorded during the actual workshops. Mark will continue to add his new presentations throughout the school year, and he encourages anyone doing similar work to add theirs as well.


Supporting Links
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