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2006- Week In The Classroom

Week in the Classroom”Who’s Teaching Who?: Are We Ready”

Chris Kaminski
Fairview Park, Ohio, USA
Blog: http://nlcommunities.com/communities/ckaminski/default.aspx   

Presentation Title
“Who’s Teaching Who?: Are We Ready” 

Chris is in his tenth year of teaching and finishing up his Masters in Educational Administration. He currently teaches High School Graphic Arts, Photography, and Web Design at Fairview High School in Fairview Park, OH. Chris is also the district webmaster. He currently uses Blogging, a Mac OSX podcasting server, Flickr, and other multimedia tools to promote an on-line communication learning environment.

Throughout the history of education, the role of the teacher has been the all-knowing and center of educational knowledge in their content area. I would like to present a different side of learning where students create a presentation on how technology (specifically WEB 2.0 and multimedia) can change the role of the teacher and the way information is gathered and disseminated. It is my belief that the role of the teacher has potential to become that of a facilitator of knowledge. Keeping students on track, within a structure and guided toward an end goal. We have to embrace the power of learning from one-another and understand that each individual can be a contributor to the creation of the learning process. I believe that the Web 2.0 can afford them and others around the world the tools to build such a collaborative learning environment. The means to take ownership in not only their own, but others learning as well. The culmination of a week in my classroom will revolve predominantly around my web design students and their thoughts on topics relating to technology, specifically web 2.0. There will be daily discussions via BLOGS, postings on what the students did that day, and a video that showcases these student’s thoughts. The plan is to not stop there, but to continue having dialogues via BLOGGING and PODCASTING.


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  2. Doug Belshaw

    It seems like you’re doing great work with these kids, Chris – well done! They’re articulate and confident and seem engaged through using relevant, accessible tools to help them with their learning.

    It’s Learning 2.0! 🙂

  3. C Kaminski

    Hello everyone,
    First, I am not sure how appropriate it is to make a comment on your own posting, but, here it goes. It seems that with the Web 2.0 and its continuous feed of information there are times that force us to step back and re-think technology as a world view. I came across this posting on Darren Kurpatowa’s BLOG (http://adifference.blogspot.com/) that hit home. It really forced me to think how much room there is to grow. I encourage you to watch this video and give your own thoughts. http://www.miniature-earth.com/

  4. Nancy Scofield

    I like your approach of having students speak their minds about technology and education.

    Just one thing that I noticed–there was only one girl. Is that a trend in most high school technology classes (electives?) Is this just a particular class, or is there truly a gender imbalance in these fields? Our high school has a video class, and both of my children are in it. There are about 12-14 students, and my daughter is the only girl. I’m SO GLAD that they have this class and that they are learning to film, edit video, and produce real-world products (filming games for our local cable channel, writing and producing a documentary on a former student, etc.) It’s an incredible opportunity, and as a parent, I’m thrilled that my daughter is taking it this year along with my son. But even she has made a comment on their class blog that there need to be more girls! What can we do to encourage that?

  5. Chris Kaminski

    Thanks for your comments. It is also awesome to hear that your children have access to a video class. In response to your question: The filming was taken from one class. Just happens to have one female student in it. But, my other classes have an equal balance. I think all we can do is to encourage all students to become active in this area, and continue to provide ENGAGING content to maintain student enthusiasm in learning. Thanks for your comments.

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  7. Bob Sprankle


    It is obvious that you are encouraging a partnership with your students in your classes and allowing them to help shape their own futures. Your students are incredibly articulate and have obviously put a lot of thought into these Web 2.0 issues.


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  10. Michael Richards


    It was refreshing to have a professional development experience from the students’ perspective. They really have a handle on the technology and can translate it to their education experiences.

    I would be curious what piece of technology would have the greatest impact on their education.

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