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2006- Basic Advanced Training

Basic/Advanced Training”All About Internet Audio (Advanced)”

Lee Baber
Shenandoah Valley, VA, USA
Blog: http://web.mac.com/lbaber/iWeb/LeeBaber/Blog/Blog.html

Presentation Title
“All About Internet Audio(Advanced)”

Lee has a degree in Production Management and Music with a focus on Audio Engineering. She has managed the UMBC recording studio called Studio 508, started the Blue Ridge Recording studio in Shenandoah Valley, VA, and has had clients such as National Geographic and General Electric as well as hundreds of remote recording projects. Lee currently teaches Computer Literacy and 2D Art to 8th graders and utilizes audio and multimedia for almost all their projects.

This session will introduce participants to a variety of audio recording applications and hardware one can use for audio to be used on the computer. It will cover topics such as “Basic Audio Editing in Audacity” to “Compression – Whats the Big Squeeze?” Learning what to use and how to end up with good signal to noise ratio, how to edit at a variety of levels (compression, multitrack, panning, eq, boost, trim, conversion), how to create everything from a simple webpage to more advanced flash players to house the audio for internet use to name just a few topics we will cover.



  1. dave cormier

    Yay Lee,

    That’s a really great resource you’ve put together over at newmediaguides. It’s very exciting to see this stuff building up, and it’s people like you who are making it happen!

    great job!

    Am I to understand that that is a little ‘original banjo’ from lee baber in the audio?

  2. Brad Niessen

    This is a great presentation full of great tips, tricks, and much needed training. Audio is such a powerful tool for both students and teachers. The amazing thing is that over the last few years it has been stretched into a new media. In fact, just last week, our department took our districts current technology plan and posted a section as a podcast. The idea was to get world-wide feedback and assistance with thinking towards the future. Podcasting was the easiest way to reach that audience.
    By the way, here is the feed for that: http://usd259itd.libsyn.com/rss

  3. Lee Baber

    Why yes, Dave, it is a bit of my banjo in the background. Thanks for asking! I like to use my own music to teach my students all about copyright! Making your own music is one way to be sure it is OK to use!

    Great Brad, I am listening now to your podcast. Thanks for sharing the link. It is nice to know who is using cool tools in their school system. Audio is my way of staying up to date on the newest news. It also inspires me with lots of new ideas. I am glad the guide is helpful and let me know if you have any questions in the future!

  4. Paul Wilkinson

    Hey Lee! Thanks so much this is just a fantastic resource. I am going to lose hours of time in here. I’d love to endorse your remarks about podcasting. My seven year old has started podcasting and gets so excited about her ideas being shared with a global audience. It has motivated her to produce at a higher level than she would otherwise have. If you are interested she loves visitors to


    Again thanks for a great presentation and brilliant resource.

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  7. Michael Richards


    Thank you for pushing my knowledge of Internet Audio. I thought I knew a good amount to be dangerous but your session has shown me I still have a lot to learn. This is an excellent resource to keep coming back to over and over again.

  8. Lee Baber

    Michael, Thank you for your comment. I am continuing to add and reorganize the Book of Inernet Audio. Hopefully you will leave your critique and suggestions there or here so I can continue to improve the information there. Thanks for being so supportive of this effort and feel free to join in anytime! ~Lee

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