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2006- Week In The Classroom

Week in the Classroom”iPods- iSpeak- iSing- iListen- iLearn”

Silvia Tolisano
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Blog: http://www.langwitches.org/

Presentation Title
“iPods- iSpeak- iSing- iListen- iLearn”

Born in Germany, raised in Argentina and living in the USA, Silvia graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and a Master’s in Instructional Technology. Currently in her 5th year of teaching at a private elementary school, she serves as Spanish teacher and Instructional Technology Facilitator. Her own professional development continues through the use of blogs, wikis and podcasts and experimenting with other web 2.0 tools. Silvia’s outlook on literacy, available information, research, and cross-referencing opinions has changed dramatically over the last year. Many of the tools available are especially useful to the foreign language teacher and student. Blogging and other social media support reading, writing, listening, and critical thinking skills. Culturally authentic material for the foreign language classroom used to be scarce are now readily available, only a click or an RSS feed away. The tools of Web 2.0 are exactly what foreign language educators needed to better infuse the target language and culture into our students.

iPods and other MP3 players have revolutionized the way kids listen to and purchase their music and videos. They are entering the classrooms as a teaching and learning tool as well. The foreign language and ESL classroom can especially benefit from the possibilities the iPod opens up, such as podcasting, video capabilities, and audio recordings. The popularity of such devices directly effects students’ engagement in the learning process. The presentation will demonstrate ideas and ways teachers can easily create and distribute authentic language and culture, pronunciation guides, audio books, lectures, notes, and much more for their students. Through a podcast and accompanying show notes on a blog, participants will hear and see specific examples how foreign language and ESL teachers can incorporate the use of MP3 players creatively to engage and motivate their students in the target language. Envision students being journalists in the target language fulfilling an authentic task of interviewing a native speaker. Imagine students using their cell phones to record a message in the target language that will be published on a blog or incorporated into a class podcast. Visualize your students listening to authentic language on their own time, extending the learning time beyond the classroom. Picture your classes creating a culturally authentic electronic recipe book and sharing them with the world.

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  2. Bob Sprankle


    I really enjoyed this thorough presentation. I will direct many teachers to it and you have given me many ideas to use. Already, I’ve signed up an account at gabfest.com and will use that for students to reflect on learning. So simple!

    Thank you,


  3. Amy VanDam


    What a great presentations. All information was easily understood and very inspirational. It’s amazing all the information we have at hand and to hear it presented to us with lesson ideas is invaluable. Thanks for sharing everything with us.

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  5. Michael Richards


    Thank you for making me think about the use of technology and Web 2.0 tools within a language-based classroom. You made me think a lot about how to document the learning process not just the final product. I guess I have one more thing to work on this summer. Gabcast may be the tool I’m looking for some of my teachers as it looks to be pretty basic for elementary students to document their thoughts and experiences in a digital form.

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  7. Linda Byrd

    Your presentation assisted me in gaining knowledge about iPods/mp3 players. I too am a “newby” to mp3 players, podcasting, and videocasting. Thank you for sharing this information in the auditory format.

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