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2006- Week In The Classroom

Week in the Classroom”Using Web 2.0 Tools in a Grade One Classroom”

Kathy Cassidy
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Blog: http://classblogmeister.com/blog.php?blogger_id=1337

Presentation Title
Using Web 2.0 Tools in a Grade One Classroom

Kathy is a grade one teacher who is very interested in the ways in which technology can support student learning. She began building her website several years ago and was able to do some unique things applicable to her grade level because of Grassroots funding. This is Kathy’s third year of blogging with her class. Last year they also used wikis and began podcasting.

Kathy will share the ways in which she has used blogging, podcasts and wikis to support the grade one curriculum. She will also mention using tools such as Bubbleshare and Flickr.


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My Webpage


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  1. Clarence Fisher

    What an awesome way to start their school careers! You are (or should be) an inspiration to teachers of little guys and girls all over. You are proof that there are new and effective, interesting ways to get parents in touch with their kids learning and that these tools even work with students who are very young!


  2. Jim Gates

    Kathy – I can’t wait to show this to our Curriculum Directors who have thus far been restricting access to ANYTHING with the word blog or wiki in the url. This is a wonderful example of how good a tool it really is. You’re very lucky to be in a disctrict that seems to be encouraging the use of these tools instead of blocking them.

    I wonder how your students are going to behave when they eventually get to a teacher who does not promote these ideas and tools. I’m SURE it will be very disappointing to them.

    Again, great job.

  3. Quentin D'Souza

    Hi Kathy,

    This was a great and I really enjoyed seeing how you are using Web 2.0 in the classroom. And the authenticity of your voice – the “ahh shoot” before audacity. 😉

    I have a question about posting student photos online. I can see that you are avoiding full names with your students. Have you had any comments from parents about posting student photos online? Any concerns? How do you approach these concerns? Student safety etc.?

    Thanks again – this was an excellent presentation.

  4. Kathy Cassidy

    The “ahh shoot” was because my computer suddenly started taking 20-30 seconds to close windows. Dean Shareski edited it for me, but he decided to leave in the expletive.
    We do have a release form that parents must sign before names or photos can go online. I have not had any parents concerned about posting student photos for several years. In the past, when I have explained what I am doing and that I make every effort to not identify the student, and they see everyone else’s child on our webpage, they have always agreed to have their child’s photo there as well.

  5. Quentin D'Souza

    Hi Kathy,

    I appreciate what you are saying. I don’t want to discourage you in any way from what you are doing. And I’m sure Dean has been an excellent person to bounce ideas off of as well. My concern isn’t necessarily identification. It is the misuse of an image:


    It probably is not as much an issue with younger students. I could see it being an issue with preteens and teens.

    Thanks again and a great presentation!

  6. Dean Shareski

    It’s not that I decided to leave it in(the “ah shoot”), it’s just that I wasn’t very careful…you should see what I did cut out!….that’s a joke.

    BTW, Kathy has been chosen to go to Philadelphia next month as part of Microsoft’s Innovative Educators Forum.

    Congratulations Kathy!

  7. Jody Hayes

    Congratulations from Voyagers and myself! Glad to hear that you have been chosen to be part of ‘innovative Educators’!

  8. Janice Friesen


    Your presentation was an inspiring example of what primary students can do with blogs and wikis. I really appreciate your comment about how it has enhanced your experience as a teacher also.

    What I was really excited about though was looking at your website. There are great ideas and resources there! I am going to send a link of the online books to RTeacher (the IRA discussion list) I am sure there are teachers who would really appreciate it!

  9. Beckie Young


    You have wonderful ideas. I enjoyed so much teaching beside you. I learned so much from you. I use your website in my with my K-3 students daily. They benifit so much from the time you take to maintain and perfect your website. I am inspired by your blogging.

    Thank you so much for making your website available to so many students and teachers.

  10. Graham Wegner

    Kathy, a lot of teachers of younger students seem to think that their classroom can get by without the use of technology. You clearly and succinctly show the possibilities with K-3 students – this is one presentation that I will show to the junior primary team here at my school in Adelaide. You have also done what I failed to do in my own presentation next week – and that is to keep things short and to the point. The screencasting was clear and I’m no surprised that your presentaion has so many positive comments. It was excellent.

  11. Cheryl Oakes

    Hello Kathy and your students! I’ve been chatting with y ou for about a year off and on. I sent the photos of the rocks that I turned in to jewelry. It is amazing to watch what you and your teacher have been able to accomplish on the Web. I wonder how many of you have aunts, uncles and grandparents checking out your great work ?
    I am so impressed with all the tools you are using and the way you are getting prepared for jobs that may not have been invented yett! Good luck to you all.
    Cheryl Oakes, Wells, ME USA


    What I was really excited about though was looking at your website. There are great ideas and resources there! I am going to send a link of the online books to RTeacher (the IRA discussion list) I am sure there are teachers who would really appreciate it!

  13. Steve Sokoloski

    Thank you for a great presentation. I have used most of the tools you talked about. It is great how you pulled them together. I cannot wait until I can show this to some of my teachers! Great job, and a big shout out to your kids!

  14. Cindy Ross

    Thank you for sharing your ideas of using 2.0. I teach at a technology education course at the University level and I am using your material to help future teachers with understanding the many uses of internet. tools.

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  17. Shaun Wood

    Thank you, your blogging and wiki presentation was inspiring. I think sharing blogs and wiki’s is about communication and connecting with the world, you are really teaching the 21st century skills.

  18. Susan Phillips

    Thanks, Kathy, for your uplifting presentation. I plan to contact the “Blogmeister” and set up my own class blog site. You have provided many ideas and a plethora of resources that I can’t wait to use!

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  23. Derick Jones

    What you do is innovation at its best! Using blogging and podcasts to teach kids is such a creative way for them to learn. You have brought online teaching and online learning into classrooms. That is remarkable.

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  27. nan banks

    I enjoyed viewing Mrs. Cassity’s site. I loved the end when she talks about that she has never had children so excited about learning, since the introduction of blogs, wiki’s and recording themselves!

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