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2006- Week In The Classroom

Week in the Classroom”Two-Way Teaching: An Overview of the Read/Write Web in Education”

Mark Wagner
Irvine, CA, USA
Blog: http://www.edtechlife.com/

Presentation Title
“Two-Way Teaching: An Overview of the Read/Write Web in Education”

A former high school English teacher, Mark has since served as an educational technology coordinator at Estancia High School, the Newport-Mesa Unified School District, and the Orange County Department of Education. He now serves as the president of the Educational Technology and Life Corporation, which provides professional development and consulting services to schools, districts, and other educational institutions. Mark has a masters degree in cross-cultural education. He is also working towards a PhD in Educational Technology at Walden University, and expects to complete his dissertation in early 2007.


Learn to use the two-way web to support two-way teaching! This fast-paced session offers an overview of the two-way (or read/write) web, and a discussion of two-way teaching philosophy. This is followed by a walk-through of specific two-way web tools such as blogs, wikis, podcasts, social bookmarking, RSS, and more. Participants will learn how they can integrate these technologies into their teaching. This will be followed by an overview of the related concerns. The session concludes with a call for participation. I hope you’ll teach me!


Supporting Links
Wiki for this presentation: http://twowayteaching.wikispaces.com

Blogs For Teachers: www.edublogs.org

Wikis For Teachers: www.wikispaces.com/site/for/teachers/

Podcasts: www.podomatic.com

Social Bookmarking: www.furl.net

RSS: www.bloglines.com


  1. Doug Belshaw

    Great presentation Mark – I like the way the way you mixed video of yourself and screencasting. 🙂

    The bit about ‘unintentional teaching and learning’ was good. As you say, creating a product that will go out to the rest of the world is a hugely motivating factor. Teachers more than ever need to be learners and move out of the mindset of being the ‘fount of all knowledge’. Instead we need to know when to take a back seat – it’s the learning that’s the important thing, not the hierarchy of power…

    PS How many icons in your dock?!

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  3. janet pedersen


    I’ve really enjoyed all your presentations. As I was listening to “Two Way Teaching” tonight I got this email. Thought I’d share it with you. It’s a great example of what you mean by the potential of two way teaching. Thanks!

    This is the email I received tonight:

    I have recently been hired at my children’s elementary school in Southern California (Irvine) to be their Librarian. I am so excited to have this position and have only recently (2 days ago to be exact) started having students visit the Library. It has been quite a while since the students (a total of 748 in K-5) have had a consistent Librarian. While getting ready to start my position, I came across your website. I LOVE IT!!! I often refer to it to just see what you are doing at Cold Spring. I just wanted to say Thank You!!! for writing your blogs and posting such helpful information for your parents as well as students. I strive to do the same for our students (after I get my feet back on the ground).

    Just wanted to send a quick note…

    Look forward to reading more of your blogs…

    This seemed like an amazing coincidence and an illustration of the great potential of what your presentation was about. Thanks again for all the information and the inspiration to keep on exploring all this sometimes daunting new technology.

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  7. Michael Richards


    Thanks for the great overview of how these tools promote two-way learning environment in the classroom. It is pretty amazing how in such a short time children have been content authors on a global stage. I enjoyed hearing how the traditional roles within a classroom need to be discarded if authentic two-way learning is to occur.

    I’m off to check out the wiki and see how I might be able to contribute.

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