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“Traveling Through The Dark”

Steven Kimmi Salina, KS, United States Blog: Bio: Steven is a fifth grade teacher in Salina, KS. He graduated from Kansas State University three years ago, where he pursued many other majors before choosing on Elementary Education. He is the author of Experiments in Technology and In Transit(ion). He is in the process of […]

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“Video-Conferencing It’s Easy, Free and Powerful”

Brian Crosby Reno, Nevada, USA Blog: Bio: Brian Crosby, an elementary teacher for 26 years, teaches sixth grade in Sparks, Nevada, and has infused technology into teaching since the 1980’s. While piloting a 1:1 laptop program, students in his class utilize many Web 2.0 tools including Skype, Fiickr, blogs and wikis. Brian teaches several […]

Getting Started
“Free Tools for Universal Design for Learning in Literacy”

This presentation will describe ways that you can support literacy using free tools found on the internet. Types of technology supports for literacy will be discussed as well as the some of the free tools that are available on the Internet today. The last part of the session will deal with what Universal Design for Learning calls for and how the types of tools discussed can assist educators in achieving Universal Design for Learning in your classroom.

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Overcoming Obstacles
“Selling Web 2.0 to Senior Management”

Terry Freedman Essex, United Kingdom Blog: Presentation Title “Selling Web 2.0 to Senior Management” Bio Terry is an independent educational technology consultant with experience of bringing about cultural change throughout local authorities (equivalent to USA school districts) and in schools. He also tries to spread practical advice about managing educational technology and using it in […]

Overcoming Obstacles
“It’s Elementary Kids, Working Web 2.0 With Grade 3-4″

John Pearce Geelong, Victoria, Australia Presentation Title “It’s Elementary Kids, Working Web 2.0 With Grade 3-4″ Bio John Pearce teaches grade 3-4 children at a school in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Over the past two years he and his students have experimented with the use of blogs, wikis and podcasts in assisting learning in a […]

Personal Professional Development
“Toward a System for Online Curriculum-Sharing”

Rob Lucas Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA Blog: Kevin Driscoll Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA Presentation Title “Toward a System for Online Curriculum-Sharing ” Bios Rob Lucas taught 6th grade social studies for two years in North Carolina. While teaching, he created a lesson-sharing wiki called the Teachers’ Lounge. He spent last year earning a master’s […]

Personal Professional Development
“Planning the 21st Century School”

Chris Lehmann Philadelphia, PA Blog: Marcie Hull Philadelphia, PA Blog: Presentation Title “Planning the 21st Century School” Bio (Chris Lehman) Chris Lehmann is the founding principal of the Science Leadership Academy, a progressive science and technology high school in Philadelphia, PA. Chris has returned to his native Philadelphia after nine years as the […]

Overcoming Obstacles
“Trash to Treasures: Creating Your Own Computer Lab”

Brandi Caldwell Pinson, Alabama, USA Blog: Presentation Title “Trash to Treasures: Creating Your Own Computer Lab” Bio Having been a classroom teacher for ten years, Brandi has watched the evolution of technology in her classroom. She is a National Board Certified teacher who has taught in rural schools with no equipment, middle class schools […]

Overcoming Obstacles
“Mobile Learning Redefined”

Steve Dembo Skokie, Illinois, USA Blog: Presentation Title “Mobile Learning Redefined” Bio Steve Dembo served as both a Kindergarten teacher and Director of Technology before joining Discovery Education. As the Online Community Manager for the Discovery Educator Network, he oversees the DEN virtual community including a network of over 20 educational blogs. The Teach42 […]