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2011 2011-Story Time

STORY TIME KEYNOTEThe World’s Craziest Educational Videos Featuring ds106

Presenter: Jim Groom and Tom Woodward
Location: Fredericksburg, VA USA
@jimgroom & @twoodwar

Presentation Title: The World’s Craziest Educational Videos Featuring ds106

Presentation Description: In this episode of the World’s Craziest Educational Videos you host detective Kim Droom takes you inside the Massive Open Online Course ds106. An online storytelling community that started as a class but has become much, much more. Some people call it a cult, others the second coming of the creative web. We report … you decide!


iPod video “” mp3 audio


Link to presentation’s supporting documents:


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  3. Kevin Hodgson

    Nice job … I just completed my first MOOC (I feel as if I should add a cow-inspired Moo there) and found it be an interesting experience. (the topic was writing and the Common Core) There were great interactions and activities, and yet, I had hoped that more people would stick with it through the end. Many did not. It was the bell curve of large number signs up, few people finish. (Just like most networking spaces) This brings up the question of incentives for a free course, I suppose. What keeps people hooked and coming back when their only investment is a sign-up page and their own time?

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  6. Jose Rodriguez

    Hey Jim and Tom,

    Very cool and informative presentation! When it comes to self directed professional development Open Courses like DS 106 are the way to go. Combine that with online radio and you have a winning formula. I’ve done my bit of shoutcast with educators at Edtechtalk and sister site puentesalmundo. Besides connecting with others in the states and overseas these spaces facilitate collaboration across disciplines k- 16+.

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