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Presenter: George Couros
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Presentation Title: Playing in Public

Presentation Description: As social media continues to grow, the opportunity to engage in our own learning publicly and learn from others, grows with it. In this presentation, George Couros shares some examples of people “playing publicly” and learning with no end in sight. To be comfortable in doing this, leaders must show that they are risk-takers and lead by example in this environment. George shows how when leaders are willing to learn in such a public manner, it trickles down to all educators, and most importantly, our kids.


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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Feel free to connect with George either on his blog (georgecouros.ca) or Twitter (@gcouros)


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  3. Martha Lackey

    Great job and really loved how teachers were not afraid to play with a little fear. That’s usually the hardest step an educator has to take but it gets so much easier when it becomes a habit..to play without any attention to those little details and realize just how much fun it can be. To see my students light up when I tell them that we are starting a new project in Animoto, edmodo, or wordle justifies the reason I need to play more in the sandbox!

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  5. Heather Dowd

    Thank you for your comments on playing. I especially like your thoughts on publicly displaying our learning challenges. I have always thought it was important for teachers to be able to do that. Before easy online sharing, this meant in a classroom to me. If I can’t show my students how I find out something I don’t know in the classroom, how can I expect them to do the same….as we expect of them every day. The next level is to learn something new and show that learning online. Love it. Thanks!

  6. Heather

    I really enjoyed your presentation. I have always considered that I do a pretty good job of being a lifelong learner. I am bless that this concept has been embedded in our family all my life. I received my Masters Degree in IT just 2 weeks before my 60th birthday so I figured I had the continuing learning nailed. Then you brought up about the 100 hours and what we could learn if we devoted that to time to something we didn’t know anything about. Now I see it from a different point of view. While I am learning more and more about IT I am not stepping out of my comfort zone. So what am I going to do? I will have to think about that and see where it leads. Of course, if this is not being done in a public forum so others can see the learning happening it is not totally living up to the idea. Thanks for challenging me to move forward or maybe diagonally.

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  8. George Couros

    @Martha The kids appreciate us so much more when they see we are traveling the journey with them. You hit the nail on the head 🙂

    @Heather D. Thanks for your comments Heather. I actually wrote about that process watching one of our teachers do this. Hopefully this link helps:


    @Heather I love that you are showing your continued growth. Doing that publicly will just inspire others to do it as well. We have no idea of the impact our public learning has on others which makes it all the more reason we should do that.

    Thank you for your honesty!

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  12. Kim Thomas

    A bit THANKS for a presentation that was informative and fun to watch. We will be using it as part of our Tech PD (CATNIP, Classroom Application of Technology – New Incentive Program) in the Madison School District.

    With much appreciation,
    Kim Thomas
    Madison School District

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