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Gaming to Learn by Learning to Game

Presenter: Dr. Leigh Zeitz
Location: Cedar Falls, Iowa USA
Twitter: @zeitz

Presentation Title: Gaming to Learn by Learning to Game

Presentation Description: Gaming has a place in education. As we explore the world of gaming, we realize that gaming is actually based upon learning theory. Gaming can be used to create authentic problem-based learning opportunities that support and nurture 21st century skill. This presentation shows the connection between gaming, brain-based research and developing 21st century skills.

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Additional Information:
Dr. Z Reflects


  1. KevinHodgson

    Thanks for doing a presentation around gaming. I need to come back to listen again, but I hope educators are thinking of how to help their students make the shift from player (consumer) to creator. I do worry about the commercialization of the gaming process, but I also see it as a unique learning experience, for much of the same reasons that you do. My sixth graders are now in the midst of a science-based game design project, and they are fully engaged in many ways.

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