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2008 Announcements

In loving memory of Lee Baber

The 2008 K-12 Online Conference is dedicated in loving memory to our friend and accessibility committee chair, Lee Baber. Lee passed away on Thursday, July 31, 2008. EdTechTalk has a memorial page for Lee which we encourage you to visit and share.Lee BaberA memorial fund for Lee’s family has been established, and details about sending a contribution will be posted soon on her memorial page on EdTechTalk.Teachers Teaching Teachers will meet (as usual) on EdTechTalk at 9 pm Eastern Wednesday, August 6th, and will be sharing memories and remembrances of and for her.We miss you Lee.

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  1. Sus Nyrop

    Check my blog for my last goodbye to Lee, my virtual friend, playmate and mentor – we were connected in so many ways and on so many occasions…

    Miss her, bless her, and let her life star shine on us all.

    in Denmark
    just another webhead…

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