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Inside K12Online Episode04: A conversation about NOTk12onlineconference.org

Welcome to episode 4 of the K-12 Online Conference News podcast channel! In this podcast recorded over Skype  the conveners and Bud Hunt discuss a new idea for the conference this year: “NOT K-12 Online.” What is it? Why are we considering this? Why are we working hard to offer the formal k12onlineconference in the first place? Will this crazy idea crash and burn, or will it soar like an eagle? Time will tell. Bud will lead us in this new endeavor. Give a listen and learn more!


Show Notes:

  1. notk12onlineconference.org
  2. A photo from our skype call this evening
  3. Bud Hunt
  4. K-12 Online on Twitter

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  1. Adina Sullivan

    I tweeted part of this but…I’m really happy the committee is looking at ways to expand the idea of online learning even further. Many of us who would attend have truly found the power of personal learning networks in the last year or so, and this sounds like an extension of that same idea.

    I would be sad though if the original format of the conference were lost too soon. As we convince more and more colleagues that online learning is can be an incredibly valuable part of professional development, they may be more comfortable at first with the more formal aspects of the conference. This is already a HUGE jump for many educators.

    As for me, I am looking forward to the k12online AND the NotK12online conference!

  2. Kathy Gryta

    so this is K-12Online unplugged? (or maybe barefoot K-12, since if you unplug you won’t get much)-Great idea! Perhaps this could be a Wiki where folks could share their presos, or even share the thoughts and outlines if they weren’t able to fully develop them into a 20 minute presentation? It may be that 2 or 3 folks may have enought between then that could complement and result in a collaborative presentation if they all share.

  3. Chris Dahl

    Sounds intriguing!
    I participated in k12Online ’07 for the first time last fall in a limited way. It was not until I “attended” the conference to receive the graduate credit from Plymouth State University with Jeff Utecht as my instructor that I better understood the scope of the conference, so for me that formal learning experience was extremely meaningful and important. What’s more I did that this spring, several months after the conference ended! There were times as I watched and reflected on the ’07 presentations that I realized how much had evolved and changed in just a few months. So, it may be that having a place for current learning and serendipity to happen is just the ticket!
    This is an amazing group of educators who pull this conference together and I look forward to all that the ’08 conference has to offer (this year I’m a volunteer!) and I’m especially looking forward to seeing what shape Notk12online will take.
    Thanks to all of you,
    Chris Dahl

  4. Darren Kuropatwa

    Kathy, Chris, notK12 Online may be all that and more. As Bud and his crew figure out the details and nuances of doing something like this we’ll all find out what notK12 Online is (or isn’t) together. Please feel free to pursue your presentation ideas in that space as it becomes available. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. 😉


  5. Nadine N

    In your brainstorming session during your podcast, you mentioned some form of “just in time” learning, or learning that unstructured compared to the usual form of the workshops. Last year, I couldn’t attend the conference when it was taking place, but I listened to several recording of presentations or used the workshop materials post conference. In this way, the online conference remained relevant and useful for me even though it was essentially over. For that reason, I would recommend that the presentations and the materials be carefully organized for later use. (It really is – but just thought I’d mention.)

    One more thought…seems to me that a format like Plurk where a teacher could ask for input from a panel of “experts” – those who have experience or opinions, would be a real asset. A good old fashioned forum might be a feasible option.

  6. vejraska

    Just listening; like the “just in time” learning…could that be a part of the title? justintimek12online or something- it may be a more clear title…just a thought.

    I found last year that some good conversations would happen in a backchannel, then the session would end, and so would the conversation. I wonder if there could be some kind of backchannel moniter that would/could create a channel to continue the conversation, and moderate that?

    I like the idea of 20 minute limit too, and would love to do some sort of web 2.0 smackdown…to give alot of people a chance to share something.

    Sorry, this comment turned long 🙂

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