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2006- Basic Advanced Training

Basic/Advanced Training”Moodling Around: A Virtual Tour (Basic)”

Karen Richardson
Williamsburg, VA, USA

Presentation Title
“Moodling Around: A Virtual Tour (Basic)”

Karen has been working in educational technology in various roles for nearly 20 years. Currently, she directs a grant project in Virginia related to school administrators and educational technology leadership. In addition, Karen serves as an adjunct with the College of William and Mary. She has been using Moodle for several years now as part of her work.

This presentation will have two parts: a screencast that will provide a virtual tour of the presenter’s Moodle site and a podcast with Brenda Cowling, an instructional technology resource teacher who has introduced Moodle in her school division. Finally, since most of the courses on this site allow guest access, conference participants will be able to do their own exploring.



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  2. Jennifer

    Thank you for the intro, I am still a little confused, but I do have a moodle account now. I just don’t know how to create a class. But then again I can easily get help there online. I thought your presentation was very well organized!

    Warm Regards,
    Jennifer Cronk

  3. Miriam Taylor

    Thanks for the information. I am going to spend more time here looking over everything.
    I do a lot of training teachers to teach online in Michigan specifically with Moodle. Although Moodle has a world-wide community it’s nice to connect with real-life k-12 educators using it in the classroom. I’m always interested in seeing new ways it’s being used.

  4. Penny Templeton

    Good introduction. I have more questions than answers. The only thing that works when I tried it at home is “Turn editing on”. I am at a loss for the rest but I will keep on trying!

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