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2006- Basic Advanced Training

Basic/Advanced Training “RSS- A Four Part Series(Basic/Advanced)”

James Gates
Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, USA
Blog: http://tipline.blogspot.com/
Kurt Paccio
Blog: http://weblog.techruminations.org/

Presentation Title
“RSS- A Four Part Series(Basic/Advanced)”

James is an Instructional Technology Trainer for an Intermediate Unit in PA. Kurt Paccio, the co-presenter, is the Technology Director for a public school also in PA. The ‘Web 2.0’ evolution has been exciting for this pair of presenters and they have had the opportunity to teach many classes about it.

Using screencasts, Mr Paccio and Mr. Gates will present a four-part series designed to teach the new learner about RSS. The presentation will start with how to set up an account and subscribe in Bloglines. Part two will take the idea of subscribing and apply it to Netvibes and Pageflakes. Part Three will show how Del.icio.us works and introduce the idea of tags. It will also show how to subscribe to tags in del.icio.us in Bloglines and show how to obtain the public address for the feedroll there. Finally, in part four, they’ll tie it all together and show how the for: tag in del.icio.us can be used by students to help feed sites to the teacher’s account which in turn gets posted to the public address in Bloglines. Each section should be a stand alone module, but together they paint a picture of an automated way for students and teachers to share web resources.



  1. Arthur Chambers

    Jim and Kurt,

    You guys have really cleared the air for me. I have to admit, I was a bit lost in some of the presentations. I was bogged down in the terminology. Your techniques of encouraging the viewer to stop and try is what I enjoyed most.

    Thanks from a newbie!


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