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2006- Basic Advanced Training

Basic/Advanced Training”Blog if You Love Learning: An Introduction to Weblogs in Education (Basic)”

Mark Wagner
Irvine, California, USA
Blog: http://www.edtechlife.com
Twitter: @markwagner

A former high school English teacher, Mark has since served as an educational technology coordinator at Estancia High School, the Newport-Mesa Unified School District, and the Orange County Department of Education. He now serves as the president of the Educational Technology and Life Corporation, which provides professional development and consulting services to schools, districts, and other educational institutions. Mark has a masters degree in cross-cultural education. He is also working towards a PhD in Educational Technology at Walden University, and expects to complete his dissertation in early 2007.

Presentation Title
“Blog if You Love Learning: An Introduction to Weblogs in Education (Basic)”

Powerful teaching and learning tools for both students and teachers, blogs can be used for student reflection, class webpages, professional development, and much more. This session briefly introduces participants to the read/write web, and to weblogs, or blogs, specifically. A live demonstration of WordPress will illustrate that… “If you can email, you can blog.” This will be supported by an overview of best practices and inspirational examples of actual student and teacher weblogs. These will include individual student reflections and learning logs, team blogs used for group work, teacher blogs, class blogs, blogs used for professional development, and blogs used to reach out to parents and the community. The session will leave participants inspired to take their next steps with educational blogging, whatever their level”¦ just beginning their own blogging journey, ready for their students to join them, ready to implement new best practices, or ready to innovate and lead the way.


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  2. Renee Moore

    Thank you so much for this wonderful presentation. I am new (I thought) to blogging and web tools. AFter your presentation, I realized I know more than I thought. It was clear, easy to follow, and intriguing.

  3. Chris Higgins

    Well rounded presentation that makes the word “comment” mean more than just a response, but a way to get kids involving in the learning process. I hope in the future to be able to work with the wiki/blogging relationship and have my students in some computer science classes use the Read/Write web, not just the Read web. After listening to your discussion and presentation of materials/links, I realized that the world of blogging needs to be students that understand the concept or reality of the information they provide.

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  5. Kris Olson

    A great little movie about blogging – It brings up many points about blogging in the classroom and provides guidance on how to blog.

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