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Jeff Utecht
Shanghai, China
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Jeff Utecht is an international educator currently working in Shanghai, China. Prior to Shanghai. Jeff has presented at both Administrative conferences and Teacher conferences around Asia and the Far East. Recently he helped to successfully organize the Learning 2.0 conference in Shanghai, China. The first technology conference of its kind in Asia aimed at bringing International schools together around technology.

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“Online Professional Development”

In the past year we have seen a number of new free web tools used for online professional development. There are tools that can be used in the traditional sense as well as tools that are redefining how we learn in this connected network. In this presentation, we will take a look at some of the free tools that are now available to schools and educators to hold online professional development sessions. We will also push beyond Professional Development in the traditional sense and look at how these new network tools are being used by educators for “Just in Time Learning” and redefining how we learn from each other in a global network.

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16 Responses to “Professional Learning Networks
“Online Professional Development””

  1. Jeff did a wonderful job of not only explaining the use of Web 2.0 tools such as Ning communities, Skype and Twitter, but he modeled effective use of these tools. I have already passed this link to several colleagues!

    Nice job!

  2. Ann O says:

    I was so happy that I watched Jeff’s presentation. It was like sitting at his desk and having a personal training session. He showed us what his personal network and community can do for him and in turn for us. I’m so glad these presentations are not just one time events in a room. This is a presentation I plan on pointing out to many people.

  3. Jeff says:

    Great presentation. I need to get my district IT people on board. According to them they are supposed to support professional development yet most of the feeds on my pageflakes are blocked by filters because they are recognized as a “blog” or a “newsgroup”.
    I had received an error when I followed the link for the “original” presentation. I changed the .m4v extension to .mp4 and found the file.

  4. Very natural and effective presentation style.

  5. Jeff Utecht says:

    Thank you everyone for the comments. I’m glad you felt the presentation was worth your time.

  6. Cindy Lane says:

    Not only was it worth my time, but I had several aha moments and I now can go forth with my k12teachers with web 2.0 goods! Thank you for sharing from Shanghai!!

  7. Alicebarr says:

    I tried to download the files and get the following info

    The requested URL /juonlinepd_iPod.mp4 was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  8. Mark Ahlness says:

    Jeff, fantastic presentation! I loved many parts of it, but a couple really stood out for me:

    the distinction you drew between communities and personal networks is so important, and it will be mighty interesting to see where they end up relative to each other in the near future.

    your on the fly conversations with Brian and Dean were just super. There can be no better testimony to the power we now have at our fingertips. Thanks for this! – Mark

  9. Jeff,

    Good use of your personal learning network! I liked learning about the Dunbar Number.

    Thank you!

  10. Jeff,

    I really enjoyed how your modeled how you connect with your network and which tools you find to be most effective. I particularly liked how you delineated the difference between a network and community.

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