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2011 2011-Level Up

iCreate vs. iConsumption

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Presenter: Scott Meech
Location: Chicago Suburbs, Illinois, USA
Twitter: @smeech

Presentation Description: Many argue that the iPad is the premiere consumption device at this time but it isn’t very good at creating. I want to walk through some thoughts to battle that thinking. Creating on the iPad is different but it is an effective creation device. The very nature of the device itself and how we interface with it provide for a uniquely creative environment. Effectively creating on the iPad requires a different workflow from traditional computers. Once users get proficient with that workflow, the iPad becomes an amazing creation device!

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Please check out IEAR.org, EdReach.us, and SMeech.net to learn more about my work with technology and education.

2011 2011-Sandbox Play

Sandpit QR Code Presentation

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Presenter: Allanah King
Location: Nelson, New Zealand

Presentation Title: Sandpit QR Code Presentation

Presentation Description: In this presentation Allanah King describes how she has used QR codes with her class of Year Four children. She also shares a number of other uses of QR Codes that may be useful in teaching and communicating with the wider community. The ideas in the presentation came from a series of blog posts that Allanah wrote over a series of months in the middle of 2011. All of the links she mentions in the presentation are hyperlinked on those blog posts. Please visit Allanah’s blog and suggest other ways you have used QR codes in your classroom.

iPod videomp3 audio

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2009 2010-Week in the Classroom

Project Based Learning in Hand

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Presenter: Tony Vincent
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page

Presentation Title: Project Based Learning in Hand

Presentation Description: Handheld computers are everywhere. From mobile phones to handheld games, it’s a very familiar sight to see people of all ages gazing into screens that they can hold. Schools are discovering that handhelds like iPod touch and iPad make great learning tools. In fact, handhelds can play a big part in Project Based Learning. Not only do projects motivate students because they use exciting handheld technology, but they also lend themselves to student voice and choice. Watch to be inspired to bring Project Based Learning into your classroom, learn strategies for creating effective Driving Questions, and see how an iOS handheld can play a role in the the planning, research/investigation, and presentation of projects.

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