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2009 2010-Week in the Classroom

Project Based Learning in Hand

Presenter: Tony Vincent
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page

Presentation Title: Project Based Learning in Hand

Presentation Description: Handheld computers are everywhere. From mobile phones to handheld games, it’s a very familiar sight to see people of all ages gazing into screens that they can hold. Schools are discovering that handhelds like iPod touch and iPad make great learning tools. In fact, handhelds can play a big part in Project Based Learning. Not only do projects motivate students because they use exciting handheld technology, but they also lend themselves to student voice and choice. Watch to be inspired to bring Project Based Learning into your classroom, learn strategies for creating effective Driving Questions, and see how an iOS handheld can play a role in the the planning, research/investigation, and presentation of projects.

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Additional Information:
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  13. Thia Lutich

    I do not have handheld computers for all my students but after watching this I see how this could be so much more of a richer learning experience. I would really like to incorporate more project based learning in my classroom. Doing a unit on temperature, I could have my students look up different temperatures in different regions and have the students compare over a specific time period. Students learn better by doing something rather than being told something. I am motivated to incorporate more project based learning in my classroom!

  14. Leah

    I would be interested to see how this type of project based learning in hand could be used on non apple products. After watching the video, it was exciting to want to try this level of PBL in the classroom but cell phones and touches are not allowed in our classrooms or campus and I’m not sure how to accomplish all of this on desktops or laptops.

  15. Daphne Trueblood

    This was a very informative, well put together video. It offered multiple suggestions for students to be able to create a project using iPhones or iPads. I have not used either one of these devices, so some of the information was a little hard to follow. I can see the potential for use in the classroom, but it might not be the most practical resource since all students wouldn’t have access to these devices.

  16. Alicia M.

    I love the idea and I’m sure his use of technology maintains students interest and enhances their learning. As a preschool teacher some off this is a bit to advanced for my students.

  17. Casey

    found this to be a little advanced for me and not sure is applicable to preschool although I did enjoy learning about comic touches

  18. Diane

    the mobile learning is surely going to be more and more integrated into the lives of students. the ability for students and teachers to create, present, etc. in unique and personal ways is very appealing

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