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2011 2011-Sandbox Play

Sandpit QR Code Presentation

Presenter: Allanah King
Location: Nelson, New Zealand

Presentation Title: Sandpit QR Code Presentation

Presentation Description: In this presentation Allanah King describes how she has used QR codes with her class of Year Four children. She also shares a number of other uses of QR Codes that may be useful in teaching and communicating with the wider community. The ideas in the presentation came from a series of blog posts that Allanah wrote over a series of months in the middle of 2011. All of the links she mentions in the presentation are hyperlinked on those blog posts. Please visit Allanah’s blog and suggest other ways you have used QR codes in your classroom.

iPod videomp3 audio

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:



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  2. Michelle

    You mention in the video, the ability to link some QR codes directly to the iPod’s Notes app (great when not connected to the Internet). Could you explain a little more about how you would set this up and possible uses for this scenario?

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  4. Jose Rodriguez Post author

    Hi Allanah,

    Thanks for all the great tips on using QR codes in the classroom. I can appreciate how simple you made it to get started. I especially like the idea of adding QR codes to covers of books. What a cool idea. I can have my 5th grade students write reviews and link to other info on the web for their QR codes.

  5. Martha Lackey

    I agree with Jose’s comment. I can have my 2nd graders write a review about the read aloud I am currently reading as we are creating a book trailer of the book and create a QR code of their review so that other students can possibly be encouraged to read this book.

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