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2011 Announcements

K12Online11 Day 7 Presentations: 6 December 2011

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Welcome to day seven of the 2011 K-12 Online Conference! All presentations are listed and linked on our main conference schedule.

Week 2 Presentation Strands: Sandbox Play and Level Up

Day 7 presentations include:

Sandbox Play:
Sandpit QR Code Presentation by Allanah King

Sandbox Play:
Old Dogs Must Learn New Tricks by Barbara McFall and Betsye Sargent

Level Up:
Welcome to the World by Connor Janzen and Ben Honeycutt

Level Up:
Creating ePortfolios with WordPress by Dana Watts

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2011 2011-Sandbox Play

Old Dogs Must Learn New Tricks

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Presenter: Betsye Sargent & Barbara McFall
Location: Salem, MA USA

Presentation Title: Old Dogs Must Learn New Tricks

Presentation Description: Two teachers with 90 years of combined experience share the journey they took with their students, using a simulation in the classroom to answer an authentic question to prepare students to use technology to connect, communicate, and collaborate with students in other parts of the world. Incorporating PLAY helped them and their students learn to use the tools necessary to embed global projects into the curriculum.

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2011 2011-Level Up

Creating ePortfolios with WordPress

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Presenter: Dana Watts
Location: New Delhi, India
Twitter: @teachwatts

Presentation Title: Creating ePortfolios with WordPress

Presentation Description: Imagine a world where students are no longer judged by a lone essay, an individual transcript, or single letter of recommendation. ePortfolios allow students the ability to showcase their life-long learning and potential for growth well beyond the confine of the classroom walls. ePortfolios have the potential to transform the way educators access student readiness for future courses, advancement and college admissions.

Using a blog platform as the launching point for an ePortfolio, provides students the ease of sharing their knowledge with a platform that is easily transportable from one academic year to the next, from one school district to the next, one country to the next. In addition, a blog allows students the freedom of expression and power to control who and what others are reading about them on the web. Teaching students to have a handle and take control of their digital footprint is essential to their digital literacy skills.

An ePortfolio created in WordPress is a simple tool we can provide students to begin to have a place to analyze, create, evaluate and reflect on their learning as they travel on their journey of learning. This presentation illustrates the ease of creating an ePortfolio in 8 simple steps. Come play in the sandbox of blogging, and see how many doors we can open up to help celebrate learning with our students.


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2011 2011-Sandbox Play

Sandpit QR Code Presentation

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Presenter: Allanah King
Location: Nelson, New Zealand

Presentation Title: Sandpit QR Code Presentation

Presentation Description: In this presentation Allanah King describes how she has used QR codes with her class of Year Four children. She also shares a number of other uses of QR Codes that may be useful in teaching and communicating with the wider community. The ideas in the presentation came from a series of blog posts that Allanah wrote over a series of months in the middle of 2011. All of the links she mentions in the presentation are hyperlinked on those blog posts. Please visit Allanah’s blog and suggest other ways you have used QR codes in your classroom.

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2011 2011-Level Up

Welcome to the World: Advancing the Digital and Physical Landscape

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Presenter: Connor Janzen and Benjamin Honeycutt
Location: Lawrence, Kansas, USA
Twitter: @OWProject
Facebook page:
 Open World Cause

Presentation Description: Our presentation is in an audience/keynote format to engage viewers with documentary footage of the Open World cause, project history and information and a resource medium for starting a similar fundraiser or initiative-based project with online tools such as social media networks. Additionally, we cover areas of special interest in terms of organizational management and focus.

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