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2013 Open Learning

Writing – It’s All about Collaboration and Sharing

Presenter: David Wells, M.Ed.
Location: Montpelier, Vermont, USA

Presentation Title: Writing – It’s All about Collaboration and Sharing

Presentation Description: Educators are of two minds when it comes to standards – love them or leave them. But there is good news when it comes to modern writing standards. Today’s writing standards, such as the Common Core State Standards in the United States insist on sharing and collaboration. Authentic digital age writing experiences remain an essential cornerstone for our 21st Century students. Having students share their thoughts with a global audience has never been more important. In this video presentation, I will share the standards based argument for providing students open and collaborative opportunities for sharing their writing. Participants will met educators and students who have transcended the walls of the classroom and have reaped the benefits of open and collaborative writing. In addition to my video presentation, I will provide participants with links and resources that will support open and collaborative writing experiences for students in a standards based classroom.


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  1. Wesley Fryer

    David, thanks so much for sharing how the common core standards specifically support digital collaboration and writing. I especially enjoyed the discussion about the digital e-pals project and e-book project. How are you all going to share the finished EPUB e-books with others? I’ve done this in the past using dropbox links posted on a wiki, but I thought it would be cool to link the actual books in the library card catalog. I’ve also thought it would be great to use an app creation tool like Appshed.com to create a mobile web app that would link directly to the students e-books. I’m eager to hear what you all are planning to do for this.

    Thanks again for this presentation and for the work of others on your team that made it possible.


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