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K12Online13 Day 5 Presentations: 25 October, 2013

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Welcome to day five of the 2013 K-12 Online Conference! All presentations are listed and linked on our main conference schedule.


Day 5 presentations include:


Naomi Harm: Any Device Will Do! Best Practices of BYOD Implementation

David Wells: Writing – It’s All about Collaboration and Sharing!


Terra Bodkins and Bess Altman: Blogging with Little People

Erin Fitzpatrick: Place-Based Education: The Greenspire School


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2013 Open Learning

Writing – It’s All about Collaboration and Sharing

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Presenter: David Wells, M.Ed.
Location: Montpelier, Vermont, USA

Presentation Title: Writing – It’s All about Collaboration and Sharing

Presentation Description: Educators are of two minds when it comes to standards – love them or leave them. But there is good news when it comes to modern writing standards. Today’s writing standards, such as the Common Core State Standards in the United States insist on sharing and collaboration. Authentic digital age writing experiences remain an essential cornerstone for our 21st Century students. Having students share their thoughts with a global audience has never been more important. In this video presentation, I will share the standards based argument for providing students open and collaborative opportunities for sharing their writing. Participants will met educators and students who have transcended the walls of the classroom and have reaped the benefits of open and collaborative writing. In addition to my video presentation, I will provide participants with links and resources that will support open and collaborative writing experiences for students in a standards based classroom.


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2013 Outside Learning

Place-Based Education: The Greenspire School

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Presenter: Erin Fitzpatrick
Location: Traverse City, MI




Presentation Description: Teachers with little experience or a wealth of experience can come to gain knowledge regarding place-based education. Its seamless integration into a PBL environment makes for global citizens who know more about the world around them, and who can educate the community about everything from the ground up!

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2013 Open Learning

Any Device Will Do! Best Practices of BYOD Implementation

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Presenter: Naomi Harm
Location: Brownsville, MN USA

Presentation Title: Any Device Will Do! Best Practices of BYOD Implementation

Presentation Description: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is more about instructional design and delivery, rather than tools, devices, or applications. Teachers who implement BYOD effectively also facilitate and nurture learning communities in their classrooms while recognizing the immediate needs of today’s digital age learners to collaborate, communicate, create, and think critically. This online webinar will model effective mobile teaching and learning scenarios to implement a BYOD program in your K-12 schools and classrooms. The session is designed to increase your understanding of BYOD in order to lead to greater student engagement in learning and to empower teachers to design and create new compelling and motivating lessons and assignments.

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Blog: http://blog.innovativeeducator.us

2013 Outside Learning

Blogging with Little People

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Presenter: Bess Altman and Terra Bodkins
Location: North Myrtle Beach, SC USA

@Bessaltman    @TerraBodkins

Presentation Description: Teachers often want creative and effective ways of taking their classroom learning outside of the classroom walls and into the future. In this presentation, you will learn about the benefits of blogging, what you can do with blogging, how to get started and how to stay connected.

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Blogging in the Elementary Classroom by Horry County School District (a course on iTunesU

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Terra Bodkins