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2012 Kicking It Up a Notch

Keynote for Kicking It Up A Notch : It’s Not About the Apps

Presenter: Mathew Needleman
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Twitter:  @mrneedleman

Presentation Description: As mobile devices take over we have to decide between replicating traditional classroom work with digital flashcards or infusing our classrooms with creativity. Mathew Needleman describes how taking pictures with an iPhone sparked a personal creative renaissance and how this might occur in our classrooms.


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  2. Kevin Hodgson

    Thanks for making the focus on creativity, and innovative ideas (not just replicas of paper), and ways that apps might open up some doors. It’s about the agency of the user, right? We want our kids to be in the driver’s seat, not the consumer chair. I like how you toggle between apps, depending on what you are seeking to do.

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