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2012 Student Voices

Student News Teams: Telling the Story

Presenter: Brad Wilson
Location: Jackson, Michigan, USA
Twitter: @dreambition

Presentation Description: How does your school community learn about events, announcements & celebrations of learning? How does the public view your school? The students in this presentation are part of school programs that put them in control of these stories! By using whatever technology tools available, educators from a variety of schools are giving students opportunities to practice 21st Century skills while taking part in meaningful multimedia projects. Listen to them describe their experiences and get inspired to start your own News Team!

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:



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  2. Yvonne Wilson

    Great presentation of the amazing possibilities for technology in schools. What I love is how the teachers/staff facilitate so the kids ‘figure things out’ and take ownership in the process of learning. Good to hear how the Colorado team started out simply and grew the program and its great looking studio. In my own unbiased (mom)opinion, nice work Brad! You can certainly see that you love what you do.

  3. M Risner

    This is exactly the type of thing that we need to see more of in our schools! Sorry 🙂 I just realized how old the article is….but it still applies!

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