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2012 Student Voices

Keynote for Student Voices: Kids Teaching Kids

Presenter: Tiana Kadkhoda
Location: Santa Monica, CA, USA
Twitter: @tianakad

Presentation Description: 17 year old student from Santa Monica, Tiana Kadkhoda, shares stories and experiences about how student-created videos and media can transform learning and equip students with digital literacy skills alongside traditional curriculum skills. She will also explain why student and teacher collaboration is the foundation to a productive classroom environment.


iPod video    audio mp3


Link to presentation’s supporting documents:


Additional Information:
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  3. Miguel

    Hey there I found this video super inspiring and with the potential to reach out and speak to students. I would like to add Spanish subtitles so that I can share it with my students in Mexico. Can I send them to you so you can add them to the YouTube video? Thanks!

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