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2012 Visioning New Curriculum

Make/Hack/Play – Lenses for Learning

Presenter: Bud Hunt
Location: Longmont, Colorado USA
Twitter: @budtheteacher

Presentation Description: The Center for Make/Hack/Play grew out of a system asking itself questions about the purpose and role of schools as institutions of learning. In this presentation, Bud Hunt unpacks the terms that guide his inquiry about and work within schools.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:



  1. Wesley Fryer Post author

    Bud: I loved your presentation and the ‘make / hack / play ethic.” I appreciate the research citations you included about the value of after-school autonomy. Thanks so much for sharing your work and thinking. Very important vocabulary and concepts to apply from your presentation… I’m working on some pilot projects for Storychasers and will be sharing/utilizing both your preso as well as research citations/vocab suggestions with our participating teachers.

  2. Kevin Hodgson

    I added a bunch of thoughts over at P2PU, but I wanted to say that Bud (once again) is pushing my thinking around how we define literacy and student agency. Which is cool.

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