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Creativity Panel Discussion

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A truly outstanding discussion of how to place creativity a priority within your classroom using the arts, Teachers were able to create joy and make authentic projects, compositions, and visual art.

Samuel Wright, lead the discussion with all these teachers from around the world. To keep the sharing going he’ll blog our adventure and then share any other materials from presenters



Alison Housley International Grammar School, Sydney, Australia
Andrew Mifsud @AndyMifsud Music Teacher, Barker College, Sydney, Australia
Jane-Marie Talese @MsTalese Music Teacher, Tara Anglican School for Girls, Sydney, Australia


Lidia Campanale @LidiaMusic3 Amadeus International School, Vienna, Austria
Samuel Wright @Wrightstufmusic Amadeus International School, Vienna, Austria


Jenelle Krusak @kresak2j Tech Coach, American International School of Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Betty Lin @lietometwo Music Teacher, American International School of Guangzhou, Guangdong, China


Alison Armstrong @alisonmusicblog Music Teacher, Vientiane International School, Laos

United States

Tricia Fuglestad @fuglefun Visual Arts Teacher, Dryden Elementary School, Arlington Heights, IL USA

Carol Broos @carolbroos Retired Music Teacher, Sunset Ridge School, Northfield, IL USA

2013 Building Learning

Building Learning Keynote – Making the Case for Making in Schools

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Presenter: Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA


Presentation Title: Building Learning Keynote – Making the Case for Making in Schools

Presentation Description: The Maker Movement is a revolutionary global collaboration of people learning to solve problems with modern tools and technology. Adults and children are combining new technologies and timeless craft traditions to create exciting projects and control their world. The implications are profound for schools and districts concerned with engaging students, maintaining relevance, and preparing children to solve problems unanticipated by the curriculum. The technological game-changers of 3D printing, physical computing and computer science require and fuel transformations in the learning environment. K-12 educators can adapt the powerful technology and “can do” maker ethos to revitalize learner-centered teaching and learning in all subject areas.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

2012 Visioning New Curriculum

Make/Hack/Play – Lenses for Learning

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Presenter: Bud Hunt
Location: Longmont, Colorado USA
Twitter: @budtheteacher

Presentation Description: The Center for Make/Hack/Play grew out of a system asking itself questions about the purpose and role of schools as institutions of learning. In this presentation, Bud Hunt unpacks the terms that guide his inquiry about and work within schools.

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2011 2011-Sandbox Play

Scratching Kids Brains

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Presenter: Geoffrey Derry
Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Presentation Title: Scratching Kids Brains

Presentation Description: Scratch is a Programming language designed to be very powerful yet easy to use. It is the perfect way to introduce programming and programming concepts to school students of any age. It is easy to get started with but powerful enough to create games, interactive presentations, music, stories and solve problems. It is a great way to get kids playing and sandboxing with computers making them think in deep ways. For me Scratch is a constructivist’s dream come true, allowing students to understand their own problems, make mistakes and try new things. This presentation will give you a brief introduction to scratch, provide you with resources to explore it further and show ways I have used scratch to get students creating, playing and learning. It is suitable for any teacher in any subject area who is interested in providing students with a powerful tool to create and learn on their own.

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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Link to my blog

2011 2011-Sandbox Play


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Presenter: Dr. Christopher Craft
Location: Columbia, SC, USA

Presentation Title: Sandbox Play Keynote: A Teacher’s Journey

Presentation Description: Take a look inside the classroom of Dr. Christopher Craft and explore what sandbox play practically looks like. Chris teaches kids in a variety of courses such as World Languages, Media Technologies, and Broadcast Journalism.


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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Dr. Christopher Craft is an award-winning classroom educator at CrossRoads Middle School in Columbia, SC. Dr. Craft has a B.A. in Spanish, an M.Ed in Educational Technology, and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Research. He has been teaching for seven years. He is most proud of his two daughters; the princess and the diva.

Find out more about Chris at www.christophercraft.com or read his (infrequently updated) blog at www.crucialthought.com. Find him on Twitter at @crafty184.

2011 2011-Team Captains

Transforming Education

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Presenter: David Truss
Location: Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Presentation Title: Transforming Education

Presentation Description: There are really only two messages in this presentation. First, Education is NOT broken! So let’s start using language that is constructive rather than counterproductive. And secondly, as educators we are inherently leaders, no matter what our role is, and so we need to model what it means to be a connected, life-long learner.


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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Resources and opportunities to continue learning and engaging on these topics can be found at: http://trans4med.org
Also, if people would like to share their thoughts on Transforming Education, I thought we could play with the twitter hashtag #Trans4mEd for a while… a way to get connected around a common theme.

2011 2011-Team Captains

Get in the Game – Learning, Leading and Play

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Presenter: Shannon Smith
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Presentation Title: Get in the Game – Learning, Leading and Play

Presentation Description: This presentation explores the role school leaders assume in promoting play within learning environments. Play is intimately linked to creativity, the development of cognitive flexibility and a sense of belonging — all things critical for responsive and engaging places of learning. Through modelling a playful approach, school leaders create the conditions under which creativity, innovation, risk-taking and flexible thinking flourish.

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Link to presentation’s supporting documents: