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21st Century Learning Plato’s Way

Presenter: Gail Dyer
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page

Presentation Title: 21st Century Learning Plato’s Way

Presentation Description: This presentation provides a snapshot of web 2.0 and games based learning which have been implemented in our school and how we have managed to achieve this across all grades Kindergarten to Year 6. We have been using these technologies for several years but it has only been in this last year that there has been a wholesale uptake of these learning resources. 96% of our students are from non English speaking backgrounds. Many of them arrive at school with impoverished language and life experiences. it is our mission to enrich their vocabulary, turn them on to reading and writing and engage them in the process of becoming critical and creative lifelong learners using technology as the tool.

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